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Word: freq index 15013
yóuzhōng heartfelt

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yóu, to follow/from/it is for...to/reason/cause/because of/due to/to/to leave it (to ...
        zìyóu, freedom/free/liberty/CL:個|个[gè]
        lǐyóu, reason/grounds/justification/CL:個|个[gè]
        yóuyú, [由於], due to/as a result of/thanks to/owing to/since/because
        yóucǐ, hereby/from this
        rènyóu, to let (sb do sth)/to allow/regardless of
        yóuzhōng, heartfelt/sincere/unfeigned
        yuányóu, [緣由], reason/cause
        bùyóuzìzhǔ, can't help; involuntarily (idiom)
        zìyóuzìzài, free and easy (idiom); carefree/leisurely
        shēnbùyóujǐ, without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary/not of one's own v...
        zìyóuzhǔyì, [自由主義], liberalism
        tīngtiānyóumìng, [聽天由命], to submit to the will of heaven/to resign oneself to fate/to trust to luck
        jīngyóu, [經由], via
        jiùyóuzìqǔ, to have only oneself to blame (idiom)/to bring trouble through one's own actions
        bùyóu, can't help (doing sth)
        lùyóuqì, router (computing)
        yóulái, [由來], origin
        zìyóudǎng, [自由黨], Liberal Party
        zìyóushì, freestyle (in sports)
        yánbùyóuzhōng, to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek/saying one thing...
        láiyóu, [來由], reason/cause
        zìyóuyǒng, freestyle swimming
        bùyóude, can't help/cannot but
        zìyóutǐcāo, [自由體操], floor (gymnastics)
        zìyóushìchǎng, [自由市場], free market
        shìyóu, main content/matter/work/origin of an incident/cause/purpose/subject (of busines...
        yuányóu, variant of 緣由|缘由[yuán yóu]
        ZìyóuMínzhǔdǎng, [自由民主黨], Liberal Democratic Party
        zìyóuwángguó, [自由王國], realm of freedom (philosophy)
        wúyóu, [無由], to be unable (to do sth)/no reason to .../without rhyme or reason
        yóucǐkějiàn, [由此可見], from this, it can be seen that...
        zìyóudù, (number of) degrees of freedom (physics and statistics)
        bìyóuzhīlù, the road one must follow or take/the only way
        ànyóu, main points of a case/brief/summary
        zìyóugǎng, free port
        zìyóufàngrèn, laissez-faire

        rèzhōng, [熱衷], to feel strongly about/to be fond of/obsession/deep commitment
        zhōngxīn, heartfelt/wholehearted/cordial
        wúdòngyúzhōng, [無動於衷], aloof/indifferent/unconcerned
        chūzhōng, original intention
        yóuzhōng, heartfelt/sincere/unfeigned
        kǔzhōng, secret trouble/sorrow/difficulties
        zhézhōng, variant of 折中[zhé zhōng]
        yánbùyóuzhōng, to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek/saying one thing...
        zhōng, inner feelings
        mòzhōngyīshì, unable to reach a decision (idiom); cannot agree on the right choice/no unanimou...
        yǐnzhōng, [隱衷], a secret/sth best not told to anyone/confidential information

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