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Shēntú two-character surname Shentu

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shēnqǐng, [申請], to apply for sth/application (form etc)/CL:份[fèn]
        shēnqǐngbiǎo, [申請表], application form
        chóngshēn, to reaffirm/to reiterate
        shēnsù, [申訴], to file a complaint/to appeal (to an authority, a higher court of justice etc)/c...
        shēnmíng, to declare/to aver/to state formally
        Shēn/shēn, old name for Shanghai 上海[Shàng hǎi]/surname Shen, to extend/to state/to explain/...
        shēnqǐngshū, [申請書], application/application form/petition (to higher authorities)
        shēnbào, [申報], to report (to the authorities)/to declare (to customs)
        shēnqǐngrén, [申請人], applicant
        shēnbiàn, [申辯], to defend oneself/to rebut a charge
        shēnshù, to state/to assert/to allege/to specify
        yǐnshēn, to extend (the meaning of a word, an analogy etc)/derivation
        shēnyuān, to appeal for justice/to demand redress for a grievance
        shēnchì, to rebuke/to blame/to denounce
        ĀliúshēnQúndǎo, [阿留申群島], Aleutian Islands (trailing 2250 km southwest of Alaska almost down to Kamtchatka...
        yǐnshēnyì, [引申義], extended meaning (of an expression)/derived sense
        shēngòu, [申購], to ask to buy/to bid for purchase
        shēnbàodān, [申報單], declaration form
        shēntǎo, [申討], to denounce

        túshā, [屠殺], to massacre/massacre/bloodbath/carnage
        dàtúshā, [大屠殺], massacre/Holocaust
        túfū, butcher/fig. murderous dictator
        Tú/tú, surname Tu, to slaughter (animals for food)/to massacre
        túzǎichǎng, [屠宰場], slaughterhouse/abattoir
        túzǎi, to slaughter/to butcher
        túdāo, butcher's knife/abattoir hatchet
        túlù, slaughter/massacre
        túhù, [屠戶], butcher
        NánjīngDàtúshā, [南京大屠殺], the Nanjing Massacre of 1937-38
        túchǎng, [屠場], slaughterhouse/abattoir
        túchéng, to massacre everyone in a captured city
        Túgénièfū, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818-1883), Russian novelist
        qījífútú, [七級浮屠], seven floor pagoda

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