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Word: freq index 14924
HSK 6 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 2144
wèi to fear

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wèijù, [畏懼], to fear/to dread/foreboding
        jìngwèi, to revere
        wèi, to fear
        wèisuō, [畏縮], to cower/to flinch/to quail/to recoil
        wèizuì, to dread punishment/afraid of being arrested for a crime
        dàwúwèi, [大無畏], utterly fearless
        bùwèi, unafraid/to defy
        wèishǒuwèiwěi, afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom); ever fearful and nervous/afra...
        wèisuōbùqián, [畏縮不前], to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
        wàngérshēngwèi, intimidate at the first glance (idiom); awe-inspiring/terrifying/overwhelming
        dídíwèi, [敵敵畏], dichlorvos CH7ClPÒ, organic phosphate used as insecticide (loanword)/also called...
        bùwèiqiángbào, [不畏強暴], not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence

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