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fānjiāo hot pepper

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Pān/fān, surname Pan, foreign country/foreigner/foreign (non-Chinese)/barbarian/classifie...
        fānqiéjiàng, [番茄醬], ketchup/tomato sauce
        fānqié, tomato
        fānfān, to double/to increase by a certain number of times
        lúnfān, [輪番], in turn/one after another
        fānmùguā, papaya
        fānhào, [番號], number of military unit
        sānfānwǔcì, over and over again (idiom)
西         xīfānlián, [西番蓮], passion flower
        fānshǔ, (dialect) sweet potato/yam
        fānjiāo, hot pepper/chili
        Tǔlǔfān, [吐魯番], Turpan City in Xinjiang (Chinese: Tulufan)

        làjiāo, hot pepper/chili
        hújiāo, pepper
        làjiāojiàng, [辣椒醬], red pepper paste/chili sauce
        hújiāofěn, ground pepper (i.e. powder)
        jiāo, pepper
        qīngjiāo, Capsicum annuum/green pepper
        huājiāo, Sichuan pepper/Chinese prickly ash
        shìzijiāo, pimento pepper (Capsicum spp.)/bell pepper
        fānjiāo, hot pepper/chili

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