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Word: freq index 29005
[疏鬆] shūsōng to loosen

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shūsàn, to scatter/to disperse/to evacuate/scattered/to relax
        shūyuǎn, [疏遠], to drift apart/to become estranged/to alienate/estrangement
        shūhu, to neglect/to overlook/negligence/carelessness
        shū/Shū, [疎], variant of 疏[shū], surname Shu, to dredge/to clear away obstruction/thin/sparse/...
        shēngshū, unfamiliar/strange/out of practice/not accustomed
        shūtōng, to unblock/to dredge/to clear the way/to get things flowing/to facilitate/to med...
        shūlòu, to slip/to overlook by negligence/careless omission/oversight
        shūsōng, [疏鬆], to loosen
        xīshū, sparse/infrequent/thinly spread
        shūyú, [疏於], to fail to pay sufficient attention to/to be negligent in regard to/to be lackin...
        shūhudàyì, oversight/negligence/careless/negligent/not concentrating on the main point
        shūdǎo, [疏導], to dredge/to open up a path for/to remove obstructions/to clear the way/to enlig...
        gǔzhìshūsōngzhèng, [骨質疏鬆症], osteoporosis
        shūshī, to make a (careless) mistake/oversight
        shūjiě, to mediate/to mitigate/to ease/to relieve
        huāngshū, to be out of practice/rusty
        shūjùn, to dredge
        shūlǐ, to clarify (disparate material into a coherent narrative)/to marshal an argument
        shūluò, sparse/scattered

        fàngsōng, [放鬆], to loosen/to relax
        qīngsōng, [輕鬆], light/gentle/relaxed/effortless/uncomplicated/to relax/to take things less serio...
        Sōng/sōng, [鬆], surname Song, pine/CL:棵[kē], loose/to loosen/to relax/floss (dry, fluffy food pr...
        sōngshǔ, squirrel
        sōngkāi, [鬆開], to release/to let go/to loosen/to untie/to come loose
        mǎlāsōng, [馬拉松], marathon (loanword)
        sōngzǐ, pine nut
        sōngshǒu, [鬆手], to relinquish one's grip/to let go
        Níkèsōng, Richard Nixon (1913-1994), US president 1969-1974/surname Nixon
        sōngshù, [松樹], pine/pine tree/CL:棵[kē]
        kuānsōng, [寬鬆], to relax (policy)/relaxed
        sōngbǎng, [鬆綁], to untie/(fig.) to ease restrictions
        sōngchí, [鬆弛], to relax/relaxed/limp/lax
        péngsōng, [蓬鬆], fluffy
        sōngxiè, [鬆懈], to relax/to relax efforts/to slack off/to take it easy/complacent/undisciplined
        sōngsan, [鬆散], to relax/loose/not consolidated/not rigorous
        sōngguǒ, pine cone/strobile/strobilus
        sōngmù, pine wood/deal/larch
        sōngkǒu, [鬆口], to let go of sth held in one's mouth/(fig.) to relent/to yield
        xuěsōng, cedar tree/cedarwood
        sōngruǎn, [鬆軟], flexible/not rigid/spongy/soft or runny (not set hard)/loose (soil)
        Sōngjǐng, Matsui (Japanese surname)
        shūsōng, [疏鬆], to loosen
        sōngjiéyóu, [松節油], turpentine
        sōngdòng, [鬆動], loose/slack/(fig.) to soften (policies, tone of voice)/to give some slack/(of a ...
        sōngxiāng, rosin/pine rosin
        xīsōng, [稀鬆], poor/sloppy/unconcerned/heedless/lax/unimportant/trivial/loose/porous
        Sōngběn, Matsumoto (Japanese surname and place name)
        sōngjǐndài, [鬆緊帶], (a length of) elastic
        sōngguǒxiàn, pineal body
        Sōngxià, Matsushita (name)/Panasonic (brand), abbr. for 松下電器|松下电器[Sōng xià Diàn qì]
        gǔzhìshūsōngzhèng, [骨質疏鬆症], osteoporosis
        sōngjī, [松雞], grouse
        ròusōng, [肉鬆], meat floss/shredded dried pork
        Sōnglǐng, [松嶺], Songling district of Daxing'anling prefecture 大興安嶺地區|大兴安岭地区, Heilongjiang
        shísōng, [石鬆], Lycopodiopsida (club mosses)
绿         lǜsōngshí, [綠松石], turquoise (gemstone)
        sōnglù, truffle
        Sōngjiāng, Songjiang suburban district of Shanghai
        sōngmó, matsutake (Tricholoma matsutake), edible mushroom considered a great delicacy in...
        sōngqì, [鬆氣], to relax one's efforts
        sōngbǎi, pine and cypress/fig. chaste and undefiled/fig. tomb
        Sōngtián, Matsuda (Japanese surname)
        Sōngyuán, Songyuan prefecture level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
        sōngrén, pine nuts
        qīngsōng, pine tree
        luòyèsōng, [落葉松], larch tree (Pinus larix)/deciduous pine tree

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