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Word: freq index 22569
[皺眉] zhòuméi to frown
to knit one's brow

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhòu, [皺], to wrinkle/wrinkled/to crease
        zhòuwén, [皺紋], wrinkle/CL:道[dào]
        zhězhòu, [褶皺], crease/folding/geological fold
        zhòuméi, [皺眉], to frown/to knit one's brow
        zhòuméitóu, [皺眉頭], to scowl/to knit the brows
        zhòubābā, [皺巴巴], wrinkled/crumpled/unironed
        zhòuzhě, [皺褶], creased/wrinkled/fold/crease

        méimao, eyebrow/CL:根[gēn]
        méi, eyebrow/upper margin
        méimù/méimu, general facial appearance/features/arrangement/sequence of ideas/logic (of writi...
        pòzàiméijié, pressing in on one's eyelashes (idiom); imminent
        méitóu, [眉頭], brows
        zhòuméi, [皺眉], to frown/to knit one's brow
        zhòuméitóu, [皺眉頭], to scowl/to knit the brows
        méixīn, (the space) between the eyebrows
        chóuméibùzhǎn, with a worried frown
        méibǐ, [眉筆], eyebrow pencil (cosmetics)
        jǐméinòngyǎn, [擠眉弄眼], to make eyes/to wink
        méimùchuánqíng, [眉目傳情], to make sheep eyes at/to cast amorous glances at
        ránméizhījí, lit. the fire burns one's eyebrows (idiom); fig. desperate situation/extreme eme...
        méijié, eyebrows and eyelashes/nearby
        méishāo, tip of brow
        xūméi, [鬚眉], man or men (formal)
        méiqīngmùxiù, pretty/with delicate features
        Éméi, Emei township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县[Xīn zhú Xiàn], northwest Taiwan
        cùméi, to frown
        méiyǎn, brows and eyes/appearance/looks/countenance
        címéishànmù, kind brows, pleasant eyes (idiom); amiable looking/benign-faced
        éméi, variant of 蛾眉[é méi]
        měiméi, pretty girl (colloquial)
        yángméi, [揚眉], to raise eyebrows

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