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Word: freq index 21368
pénzāi growing plants in pots
Japanese: bonsai

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pén, basin/flower pot/unit of volume equal to 12 斗 and 8 升, approx 128 liters/CL:個|个[...
        yùpén, bathtub
        gǔpén, pelvis
        pénzāi, growing plants in pots/Japanese: bonsai
        pénzi, basin
        qīngpéndàyǔ, [傾盆大雨], a downpour/rain bucketing down/fig. to be overwhelmed (with work or things to st...
        huāpén, flower pot
        zǎopén, bath tub
便         biànpén, bed pan
        pénqiāng, the pelvic cavity/birth canal
        péndì, basin (low-lying geographical feature)/depression
        huǒpén, brazier/fire pan/hibachi
        pénjǐng, bonsai/landscape in a pot
        línpén, [臨盆], at childbirth/in labor
        liǎnpén, [臉盆], washbowl/basin for washing hands and face/CL:個|个[gè]
尿         niàopén, chamber pot
        jùbǎopén, [聚寶盆], treasure bowl (mythology)/fig. source of wealth/cornucopia/gold mine

        zāi, to grow/to plant/to insert/to force on sb/to fall head first
        zāizāng, [栽贓], to frame sb (by planting sth on them)
        pénzāi, growing plants in pots/Japanese: bonsai
        zāipéi, to grow/to cultivate/to train/to educate/to patronize
        zāizhòng, [栽種], to plant/to grow
        zāigēntou, [栽跟頭], to fall head over heels/(fig.) to come a cropper

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