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[盜版] dàobǎn pirated
see also 正版[zhèng bǎn]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hǎidào, [海盜], pirate
        dàoqiè, [盜竊], to steal
        qiángdào, [強盜], to rob (with force)/bandit/robber/CL:個|个[gè]
        dào, [盜], to steal/to rob/to plunder/thief/bandit/robber
        dàozéi, [盜賊], robber
        tōudào, [偷盜], to steal
        dàoyòng, [盜用], to embezzle/to defraud/to use illegitimately/to misappropriate
        dàoqǔ, [盜取], to steal (including identity theft, credit card fraud or theft of computer accou...
        dàomù, [盜墓], to rob a tomb
        fángdào, [防盜], to guard against theft/anti-theft
        dàobǎn, [盜版], pirated/illegal/see also 正版[zhèng bǎn]
        jiānshǒuzìdào, [監守自盜], to embezzle
        dàohàn, [盜汗], night sweats
        yǎněrdàolíng, [掩耳盜鈴], lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell/to deceive oneself/to bury one's...
        fángdàomén, [防盜門], entrance door (for apartment)
        dàofěi, [盜匪], bandit
        fěidào, [匪盜], bandit
        shīdào, [失盜], to have sth stolen/to lose to theft/robbed

        bǎn, a register/block of printing/edition/version/page
        chūbǎn, to publish/to come off the press/to put out
        bǎnběn, version/edition/release
        tóubǎn, [頭版], (newspaper's) front page
        chūbǎnshè, publishing house
        bǎnquán, [版權], copyright
        bǎnmiàn, space of a whole page/layout (makeup) of a printed sheet
        dàobǎn, [盜版], pirated/illegal/see also 正版[zhèng bǎn]
        fānbǎn, to reprint/reproduction/pirate copy/(fig.) imitation/carbon copy/clone
        chūbǎnwù, publications
        bǎnshuì, [版稅], royalty (on books)
        bǎntú, [版圖], domain/territory
        juébǎn, [絕版], out of print
        páibǎn, typesetting
        xīnbǎn, new edition/new version
        bǎnkuài, [版塊], printing block/section (of a newspaper)/board (of BBS or discussion forum)
        bǎnhuà, [版畫], picture printed from a woodblock, stone, copper plate etc/print
        gǎibǎn, to revise the current edition/revised edition
        zàibǎn, second edition/reprint
        zhèngbǎn, genuine/legal/see also 盜版|盗版[dào bǎn]
        pīnbǎn, to typeset/to make up (printers' plates)
        diāobǎn, a carved printing block
        bǎnquányè, [版權頁], copyright page
        túbǎn, [圖版], an engraved printing plate/a photographic plate
        bǎnshì, format
        zhìbǎn, [製版], to make a plate (printing)
        tūbǎn, relief printing plate
        xiūdìngbǎn, [修訂版], revised edition/revised version
        yìnshuābǎn, printing plate
        chūbǎnzhě, publisher
        píngbǎn, lithographic plate
        huóbǎn, typography/movable type

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