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Word: freq index 56821
méngshì oath of alliance

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        liánméng, [聯盟], alliance/union/coalition
        tóngméng, alliance
        méngyǒu, ally
        jiéméng, [結盟], to form an alliance/to ally oneself with/allied with/aligned/to bond with
        tóngméngjūn, [同盟軍], ally/allied forces
        méngjūn, [盟軍], allied forces
        méng, oath/pledge/union/to ally/league, a subdivision corresponding to prefecture in I...
        Ōuméng, [歐盟], European Union/EU
        jiāméng, to become a member of an alliance or union/to align/to join/participate
        méngguó, [盟國], allies/united countries
        méngyuē, [盟約], contract of alliance/oath or treaty between allies
        Tóngménghuì, [同盟會], Tongmenghui, Sun Yat-sen's alliance for democracy, founded 1905, became the Guom...
        tóngméngguó, [同盟國], allied nation/ally/confederation
        shàxuèwéiméng, [歃血為盟], to smear the lips with blood when taking an oath (idiom)/to swear a sacred oath
        méngshì, oath of alliance
        MínMéng, China Democratic League (political party)/abbr. for 中國民主同盟|中国民主同盟

        fāshì, [發誓], to vow/to pledge/to swear
        shì, oath/vow/to swear/to pledge
        shìyán, to pledge/to promise/oath/vow
        xuānshì, to swear an oath (of office)/to make a vow
        qǐshì, to vow/to swear an oath
        shìcí, [誓詞], oath/pledge
        shìsǐ, to pledge one's life
        shìyuē, [誓約], oath/vow/pledge/promise
        xìnshìdàndàn, to make a solemn vow
        méngshì, oath of alliance
        shìshī, [誓師], to vow before one's troops

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