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[盲腸] mángcháng appendix (anatomy)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        mángmù, blind/blindly/ignorant/lacking understanding
        mángrén, blind person
        máng, blind
        wénmáng, illiterate
        mángdiǎn, [盲點], blind spot
        mángwén, braille/literature in braille
        mángcóng, [盲從], to follow blindly/to conform slavishly/unthinking obedience
        sèmáng, color-blind/color blindness
        mángcháng, [盲腸], appendix (anatomy)/cecum
        mángqū, [盲區], blind spot
        sǎománg, [掃盲], to wipe out illiteracy
        yèmángzhèng, night blindness/nyctalopia
        mángliú, (PRC) flow of people from the countryside into the cities/rural migrant without ...
        kēmáng, person who is ignorant about science and technology/scientific illiteracy

        xiāngcháng, [香腸], sausage/CL:根[gēn]
        cháng, [腸]/[膓], intestines, old variant of 腸|肠[cháng]
        chángzi, [腸子], intestines
        làcháng, [臘腸], sausage
        xīncháng, [心腸], heart/intention/one's inclination/state of mind/to have the heart for sth/mood
        jiécháng, [結腸], colon (large intestine)
        guàncháng/guànchang, [灌腸], enema/to give an enema, sausage with a starchy filling
        tiěshíxīncháng, [鐵石心腸], to have a heart of stone/hard-hearted/unfeeling
        chángwèi, [腸胃], stomach and intestine/digestive system
        chángdào, [腸道], intestines/gut
        zhícháng, [直腸], rectum (anatomy)
        dàcháng, [大腸], the large intestine
        xiǎocháng, [小腸], small intestine
        jīchánglùlù, [飢腸轆轆], stomach rumbling with hunger
        rèxīncháng, [熱心腸], warmhearted/willing to help others
        mángcháng, [盲腸], appendix (anatomy)/cecum
        dàchánggǎnjūn, [大腸桿菌], Escherichia coli (E. coli)
        shíèrzhǐcháng, [十二指腸], duodenum
        kōngcháng, [空腸], jejunum (empty gut, middle segment of small intestine between duodenum 十二指腸|十二指肠...
        zhíchángzi, [直腸子], (coll.) forthright person
        chángyī, [腸衣], sausage casing
        jiéchángyán, [結腸炎], colitis (medicine)
        chángyán, [腸炎], enteritis
        gānchángcùnduàn, [肝腸寸斷], lit. liver and guts cut to pieces (idiom)/fig. grief-stricken
        yǐzhuàngjiécháng, [乙狀結腸], sigmoid colon (anatomy)/bent colon, linking the descending colon to the rectum
        dàngqìhuícháng, [蕩氣回腸], heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc)/deeply moving
        huāhuāchángzi, [花花腸子], (slang) a cunning plot
        yángchángxiǎodào, [羊腸小道], road as twisty as sheep's intestine (idiom); narrow and winding road/fig. compli...
        chángtàodié, [腸套疊], intussusception (medicine)
        chóuchángbǎijié, [愁腸百結], hundred knots of worry in one's intestines (idiom); weighed down with anxiety
        féicháng, [肥腸], pig-gut (large intestine used as foodstuff)
        huíchángdàngqì, [回腸盪氣], soul-stirring (of drama, poem or artwork)/heart-rending/deeply moving
        shēngjiécháng, [升結腸], ascending colon (anatomy)/first section of large intestine
        chángguǎn, [腸管], intestine/gut

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