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Word: freq index 17267
shuìxǐng to wake up

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shuì, to sleep/to lie down
        shuìjiào, [睡覺], to go to bed/to sleep
        shuìzháo, [睡著], to fall asleep
        shuìmián, sleep
        shuìyī, night clothes/pajamas
        rùshuì, to fall asleep
        chénshuì, to be fast asleep/(fig.) to lie dormant/to lie undiscovered
        shuìdài, sleeping bag
        dǎkēshuì, to doze off/to fall asleep/see also 打盹[dǎ dǔn]
        shuìpáo, nightgown
        shúshuì, asleep/sleeping soundly
        Shuìměirén, Sleeping Beauty
        kēshuì, drowsy/to doze/to nap
        shuìxǐng, to wake up/awake/conscious
        hūnshuì, sleep/drowse when unconscious/lethargic sleep/lethargy
        hūnhūnyùshuì, drowsy/sleepy (idiom)
        shuìyǐ, couch
        wǔshuì, to take a nap/siesta
        shuìyì, sleepiness
        shuìlián, [睡蓮], water lily
        hānshuì, to sleep soundly/to fall into a deep sleep
        shuìxiàng, sleeping posture

        xǐng, to wake up/to be awake/to become aware/to sober up/to come to
        tíxǐng, to remind/to call attention to/to warn of
        qīngxǐng, clear-headed/sober/awake
        xǐnglái, [醒來], to waken
        jiàoxǐng, to awaken/to wake sb up/to rouse
        huànxǐng, [喚醒], to wake sb/to rouse
        sūxǐng, [甦醒]/[蘇醒], to come to/to awaken/to regain consciousness, to wake up/to regain consciousness
        xǐngwù, to come to oneself/to come to realize/to come to see the truth/to wake up to rea...
        xǐngmù, eye-grabbing (headline)/striking (illustration)
        jīngxǐng, [驚醒], to rouse/to be woken by sth/to wake with a start/to sleep lightly
        hūnmíbùxǐng, to remain unconscious
        juéxǐng, [覺醒], to awaken/to come to realize/awakened to the truth/the truth dawns upon one/scal...
        shuìxǐng, to wake up/awake/conscious
        xǐngjiǔ, to dissipate the effects of alcohol/to sober up
        jǐngxǐng, to be alert

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