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[礦藏] kuàngcáng mineral resources

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kuàng, [礦]/[鑛], ore/mine, variant of 礦|矿[kuàng]
        kuànggōng, [礦工], miner
        jīnkuàng, [金礦], gold mine/gold ore
        kuàngjǐng, [礦井], a mine/a mine shaft
        kuàngquánshuǐ, [礦泉水], mineral spring water/CL:瓶[píng],杯[bēi]
        méikuàng, [煤礦], coal mine/coal seam
        kuàngshí, [礦石], ore
        kuàngwù, [礦物], mineral
        kuàngwùzhì, [礦物質], mineral, esp. dietary mineral
        cǎikuàng, [採礦], mining
        kuàngshān, [礦山], mine
        kuàngkēng, [礦坑], mine/mine shaft
        kuàngquán, [礦泉], mineral spring
        kuàngchǎn, [礦產], minerals
        kuàngqū, [礦區], mining site/mining area
        kuàngyè, [礦業], mining industry
        tiěkuàng, [鐵礦], iron ore/iron ore mine
        kuàngcáng, [礦藏], mineral resources
        kuàngzhǔ, [礦主], proprietor of a mine
        kāikuàng, [開礦], to mine/to open a seam
        kuàngmài, [礦脈], vein of ore
        tànkuàng, [探礦], to prospect/to dig for coal or minerals
        tóngkuàng, [銅礦], copper mine/copper ore
        kuàngzhā, [礦渣], slag (mining)
        cítiěkuàng, [磁鐵礦], magnetite FěÒ
        xīkuàng, [錫礦], tin ore
        huángtiěkuàng, [黃鐵礦], pyrite
        kuàngchuáng, [礦床], (mineral) deposit
        tiěkuàngshí, [鐵礦石], iron ore
        kuàngchē, [礦車], miner's cart/pit truck

        Zàng/cáng/zàng, Tibet/Xizang 西藏, to conceal/to hide away/to harbor/to store/to collect, storehou...
        yǐncáng, [隱藏], to hide/to conceal/to mask/to shelter/to harbor (i.e. keep sth hidden)/to hide o...
        shōucáng, to hoard/to collect/collection/to bookmark (Internet)
        bǎozàng, [寶藏], precious mineral deposits/hidden treasure/(fig.) treasure/(Buddhism) the treasur...
        cángshēn, to hide/to go into hiding/to take refuge
        chǔcángshì, [儲藏室], storeroom/CL:間|间[jiān]
        duǒcáng, to conceal oneself/to go into hiding/to take cover
        cángnì, to cover up/to conceal/to go into hiding
        máicáng, to bury/to hide by burying/hidden
        shōucángjiā, a collector (e.g. of artworks)
        chǔcáng, [儲藏], to store/deposit/(oil, mineral etc) deposits
        cángpǐn, museum piece/collector's item/precious object
        sīcáng, secret store/a stash (of contraband)
        lěngcáng, refrigeration/cold storage/to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment
        zhēncáng, collection/to collect (valuables)
西         Xīzàng, Tibet/Xizang or Tibetan autonomous region 西藏自治區|西藏自治区
        yǎncáng, hidden/covered/concealed
        wōcáng, [窩藏], to harbor/to shelter
        àncáng, to hide/to conceal
        lěngcángchē, [冷藏車], refrigerated truck or wagon
        yùncáng, [蘊藏], to hold in store/to contain (untapped reserves etc)
        cángshū, [藏書], to collect books/library collection
        zhùcáng, [貯藏], to store up/to hoard/deposits
        zànghónghuā, [藏紅花], saffron (Crocus sativus)
        qiáncáng, [潛藏], hidden beneath the surface/buried and concealed
        bǎocáng, keep in store/preserve
        kuàngcáng, [礦藏], mineral resources
        lěngcángxiāng, cooler/ice chest/reefer container
        xiàolǐcángdāo, [笑裡藏刀], lit. a dagger hidden in smiles (idiom); friendly manners belying hypocritical in...
        bāocáng, to contain/to harbor/to conceal
        guǎncáng, [館藏], to collect in a museum or library/museum collection/library holdings
        cángwūnàgòu, [藏污納垢], to hide dirt, to conceal corruption (idiom); to shelter evil people and accept w...
        kùcáng, [庫藏], to store/to have sth in storage
        Zàngzú, Tibetan ethnic group
        Zàngyǔ, [藏語], Tibetan language
        zàngqīng, see 藏青色[zàng qīng sè]
        miánlǐcángzhēn, [綿裡藏針], lit. a needle concealed in silk floss (idiom)/fig. ruthless character behind a g...
        yùncángliàng, [蘊藏量], reserves/amount still in store
        Sānzàng, Tripitaka (602-664) Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator, who traveled to I...

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