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pòbīngchuán ice breaker

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        pò, broken/damaged/worn out/lousy/rotten/to break, split or cleave/to get rid of/to ...
        pòhuài, [破壞], destruction/damage/to wreck/to break/to destroy
        dǎpò, to break/to smash
        pòchǎn, [破產], to go bankrupt/to become impoverished/bankruptcy
        tūpò, to break through/to make a breakthrough/to surmount or break the back of (a task...
        pòàn, to solve a case/shabby old table
        pòliè, to rupture/to fracture/to break down/(linguistics) plosion
        pòlàn, [破爛], worn-out/rotten/dilapidated/tattered/ragged/rubbish/junk
        Nápòlún, [拿破侖]/[拿破崙], variant of 拿破崙|拿破仑[Ná pò lún], Napoleon (name)/Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), E...
        pòsuì, to smash to pieces/to shatter
        bàopò, to blow up/to demolish (using explosives)/dynamite/blast
        pòjiě, to break (a bond, constraint etc)/to explain/to unravel/to decipher/to decode/to...
        pòmiè, [破滅], to be shattered/to be annihilated (of hope, illusions etc)
        pòménérrù, [破門而入], to break the door down and enter (idiom)
        pòyì, [破譯], to break a code/to crack a riddle/to solve an enigma/a breakthrough
        shípò, [識破], to penetrate/to see through
        pòsǔn, [破損], to become damaged
        zhēnpò, [偵破], to investigate (as detective)/to solve (crime)/to uncover (a plot)/to sniff out/...
        pòlì, to make an exception
        pòjiù, [破舊], shabby
        chōngpò, [衝破], breakthrough/to overcome an obstacle quickly
        zhīlípòsuì, [支離破碎], scattered and smashed (idiom)
        pòzhàn, [破綻], hole or tear in cloth/mistake or gap in a speech or theory
        sīpò, to tear/to rip
        pòmén, [破門], to burst or force open a door/to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Churc...
        huápò, [劃破], to cut open/to rip/to streak across (lightning, meteor etc)/to pierce (scream, s...
        pòhuàixìng, [破壞性], destructive
        pòfèi, [破費], to spend (money or time)
        pòxiǎo, [破曉], daybreak/dawn
        pòshāngfēng, [破傷風], tetanus (lockjaw)
        pòjìngchóngyuán, [破鏡重圓], a shattered mirror put back together (idiom)/(of marriage) to pick up the pieces...
        pòhuò, [破獲], to uncover (a criminal plot)/to break open and capture
        gōngpò, to make a breakthrough/to break through/to breach (military)
        pòchú, to eliminate/to do away with/to get rid of
        pòchǔ, [破處], to break the hymen/to lose virginity
        tóupòxuèliú, [頭破血流], lit. head broken and blood flowing/fig. badly bruised
        cánpò, [殘破], broken/dilapidated
        pòxié, broken shoes/worn-out footwear/loose woman/slut
        pòkǒudàmà, [破口大罵], to abuse roundly
        tūpòdiǎn, [突破點], point of penetration (military)/breakthrough
        diǎnpò, [點破], to lay bare in a few words/to expose with a word/to point out bluntly
        pòbài, [破敗], to defeat/to crush (in battle)/beaten/ruined/destroyed/in decline
        pòtiānhuāng, unprecedented/for the first time/never before/first ever
        pòjiè, to violate a religious precept/to smoke or drink after giving up
        jiāpòrénwáng, family bankrupt and the people dead (idiom); ruined and orphaned/destitute and h...
        pòxiàng, (of facial features) to be marred by a scar etc/to disfigure/to make a fool of o...
        pògé, to break the rule/to make an exception
        chéngfēngpòlàng, [乘風破浪], to brave the wind and the billows (idiom); to have high ambitions
        pòzhéhào, [破折號], dash/Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)
        pòfǔchénzhōu, lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom); fig. to cut off one's me...
        shìrúpòzhú, [勢如破竹], like a hot knife through butter (idiom)/with irresistible force
        bùgōngzìpò, (of a rumor etc) to collapse (in the light of facts etc)/to be discredited
        dàopò, to expose/to reveal
        pòcái, [破財], bankrupt/to suffer financial loss
        kànpò, to see through/disillusioned with/to reject (the world of mortals)
        pòbīngchuán, ice breaker
        yúsǐwǎngpò, [魚死網破], lit. either the fish dies or the net splits/a life and death struggle (idiom)
        bàopòshǒu, blaster/soldier or workman who sets off explosive charges/petardier
        diēpò, (of a market index etc) to fall below (a given level)/to be injured or damaged a...
        pòtǔ, to break ground/to start digging/to plough/to break through the ground (of seedl...
        shípòtiānjīng, [石破天驚], earth-shattering/breakthrough/remarkable and original work
        yīyǔdàopò, [一語道破], one word says it all (idiom)/to hit the nail on the head/to be pithy and correct
        jiēpò, to uncover
        diānpūbùpò, [顛撲不破], solid/irrefutable/incontrovertible/indisputable/unbreakable

        bīng, [氷], ice/CL:塊|块[kuài]/to chill sth/(of an object or substance) to feel cold/(of a per...
        bīngxiāng, icebox/freezer cabinet/refrigerator/CL:臺|台[tái],個|个[gè]
        bīngqílín, ice cream
        bīngjīlíng, ice cream
        bīngkuài, [冰塊], ice cube/ice chunk
        huábīng, to skate/skating
        bīngqiú, ice hockey/puck
        bīnglěng, ice-cold
        bīngdòng, [冰凍], to freeze
        liūbīng, ice skating/(slang) to do meth
        bīngshān, iceberg/CL:座[zuò]
        bīngchuān, glacier
        bīnggùn, popsicle/ice lolly/CL:根[gēn]
        bīngxuě, ice and snow
        bīngbàng, popsicle/ice pop/CL:根[gēn]
        jiébīng, [結冰], to freeze
        liūbīngchǎng, [溜冰場], ice rink/skating rink
        Bīngdǎo, [冰島], Iceland
        bīngzhèn, [冰鎮], iced
        bīngliáng, [冰涼], ice-cold
        bīngguì, [冰櫃], freezer/deep freeze/refrigerator
        bīngdiāo, ice sculpture
        gānbīng, [乾冰], dry ice (i.e. frozen CÓ)/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        bīnghé, glacier
        bīngbáo, hail/hailstone/CL:場|场[cháng],粒[lì]
        liūbīngxié, skating shoes/ice skates/roller skates/roller blades
        bīngxié, skating boots/skates
        bīngdài, ice bag
        rúlǚbóbīng, lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom)/fig. to be extremely cautious/to be skati...
        bīngzhù, icicle
        diànbīngxiāng, [電冰箱], refrigerator/CL:個|个[gè]
        bīngchǎng, [冰場], skating or ice rink/ice stadium/ice arena
        bīngdāo, ice skates/ice skate blades
        bīngtiānxuědì, a world of ice and snow
        bīngtáng, crystal sugar/rock candy
        hànbīng, roller skating
        bàobīng, shaved or crushed ice dessert or beverage
        lěngruòbīngshuāng, as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman); icy manner/frigid
        jiābīng, (of a drink) iced/on the rocks
        fúbīng, ice floe
        bīngfēngbào, [冰風暴], icy storm/hailstorm
        bīngdiǎn, [冰點], freezing point
        bīngshā, slushie/smoothie/crushed ice drink/frappucino
        bīnggùnr, [冰棍兒], ice lolly/popsicle
        bàngbīng, popsicle
        jiānbīng, [堅冰], ice/(fig.) frosty relationship
        bīngjiào, icehouse
        bīngpiàn, borneol
        bīngshuāng, moral integrity/austerity
        bīngqiúchǎng, [冰球場], ice hockey rink
        Běibīngyáng, Arctic ocean
        bīnggài, [冰蓋], ice sheet
        bīngjīng, ice crystals
        pòbīngchuán, ice breaker
        bīnggāo, ice-cream/popsicle/ice-lolly/sorbet
        bīngshuǐ, iced water
        bīngzhuān, [冰磚], ice-cream brick
        Nánbīngyáng, Southern Ocean
        bīnggǎo, [冰鎬], ice pick
        bīngtǎ, serac
        Sīlèbīng, [思樂冰], Slurpee (drink)
        bīngdòng, hole in ice/crevasse
        bīnghuǒ, fire and ice/combination of sharply contrasting or incompatible elements
        Xīngbīnglè, [星冰樂], Frappuccino
        bīngtánghúlu, [冰糖葫蘆], tanghulu/candied fruits on bamboo skewers dipped in sugar syrup, a common Chines...
        bīngchuānqī, ice age
退         tuìbīng, to thaw (frozen food)/to bring to room temperature
        bīngqīngyùjié, [冰清玉潔], clear as ice and clean as jade (idiom); spotless/irreproachable/incorruptible

        chuán, [舩], variant of 船[chuán], boat/vessel/ship/CL:條|条[tiáo],艘[sōu],隻|只[zhī]
        chuánzhǎng, [船長], captain (of a boat)/skipper
        fēichuán, [飛船], airship/spaceship
        chuányuán, [船員], sailor/crew member
        tàikōngchuán, spaceship
        huáchuán, to row a boat/rowing boat/rowing (sport)
        chuánzhī, [船隻], ship/boat/vessel
        fānchuán, sailboat
        xiǎochuán, boat
        chénchuán, shipwreck/sunken boat/sinking ship
        yǔzhòufēichuán, [宇宙飛船], spacecraft
        chuánwù, [船塢], (maritime) dock
        chuánwěi, back end of a ship/aft
        kāichuán, [開船], to set sail
        huòchuán, [貨船], cargo ship/freighter
        chuáncāng, [船艙], hold of ship
        chuántóu, [船頭], the bow or prow of a ship
        yúchuán, [漁船], fishing boat/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        dùchuán, ferry
        chuántǐ, [船體], hull/body of a ship
        lúnchuán, [輪船], steamship/steamer/ocean liner/ship/CL:艘[sōu]
        yùnchuán, [暈船], to become seasick
        chéngchuán, to embark/to travel by ship/to ferry
        jiànchuán, [艦船], warship
        chuánshēn, hull/body of a ship
        chuányùn, [船運], sea freight/shipping
        zàochuán, shipbuilding
        chuánduì, [船隊], fleet (of ships)
        chuánpiào, ship ticket
        zhuāngchuán, [裝船], shipment
        fānchuán, to capsize/(fig.) to suffer a setback or defeat
        shāngchuán, merchant ship
        chuánzhǔ, ship's captain/owner of ship
        zàochuánchǎng, [造船廠], dockyard/shipyard
        chuánfū, boatman
        chuánfān, sail
        bóchuán, [駁船], barge/lighter
        jiùshēngchuán, lifeboat
        qìchuán, steamboat/steamship
        zéichuán, [賊船], pirate ship/fig. venture of dubious merit/criminal gang/reactionary faction
        yóuchuán, (oil) tanker/tank ship
        zhànchuán, [戰船], warship
        yùnshūchuán, [運輸船], transport ship
        chuánxián, sides of a ship/ship's railing/fig. the dividing line between shipboard expenses...
        chuánmín, people who live and make a living on boats
        qìdiànchuán, [氣墊船], hovercraft/air cushion vehicle
        yóuchuán, [郵船], mailboat/ocean liner
        chuánbó, shipping/boats
        chuánwèi, ship's position
        chuánchǎng, [船廠], shipyard/shipbuilder's yard
        tuōchuán, tugboat/boat towed by a tugboat/to tow a boat
        kèchuán, passenger ship
        mùchuán, wooden boat
        pòbīngchuán, ice breaker
        hángchuán, ship (e.g. providing regular passenger service)
        hǎichuán, seagoing ship
        shuǐyìchuán, hydrofoil
        shuǐzhǎngchuángāo, [水漲船高], the tide rises, the boat floats (idiom); fig. to change with the overall trend/t...
        yáochuán, [搖船], to scull/to row a boat
        chuángōng, boatman/boat builder
        bīngchuán, man-of-war/naval vessel/warship
        chuánzhá, [船閘], a canal lock
        xíngchuán, to sail a boat/to navigate
        chuándōng, [船東], ship owner
        chuánbù, wharf/quay
        chuánlǎodà, coxswain/steersman/boatswain (bo'sun)

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