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liúhuáng sulfur

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        liúhuáng, sulfur
        liúsuān, sulfuric acid HSÒ/sulfate
        liú, sulfur (chemistry)
        liúhuàqīng, [硫化氫], hydrogen sulfide HS/sulfureted hydrogen
        liúsuānyán, [硫酸鹽], sulfate
        liúhuà, vulcanization (curing rubber using sulfur and heat)
        èryǎnghuàliú, sulfur dioxide SÓ
        yàliúsuān, [亞硫酸], sulfurous acid HSǑ

        liúhuáng, sulfur
        huángàn, sulfa drugs/sulfanilamide (used to reduce fever)
        huáng, sulfur

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