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[確診] quèzhěn to make a definite diagnosis

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        quèdìng, [確定], definite/certain/fixed/to fix (on sth)/to determine/to be sure/to ensure/to make...
        quèshí, [確實], indeed/really/reliable/real/true
        díquè, [的確], really/indeed
        zhèngquè, [正確], correct/proper
        quèrèn, [確認], to confirm/to verify/confirmation
        quèbǎo, [確保], to ensure/to guarantee
        quèxìn, [確信], to be convinced/to be sure/to firmly believe/to be positive that/definite news
        quèqiè, [確切], definite/exact/precise
        zhǔnquè, [準確], accurate/exact/precise
        míngquè, [明確], clear-cut/definite/explicit/to clarify/to specify/to make definite
        què, [確], variant of 確|确[què]/variant of 埆[què], authenticated/solid/firm/real/true
        jīngquè, [精確], accurate/precise
        quèzáo, [確鑿], definite/conclusive/undeniable/authentic/also pr. [què zuò]
        qiānzhēnwànquè, [千真萬確], absolutely true (idiom)/manifold/true from many points of view
        quèzhěn, [確診], to make a definite diagnosis
        quèlì, [確立], to establish/to institute
        quèdìngxìng, [確定性], determinacy
        zhǔnquèxìng, [準確性], accuracy
        jīngquèdù, [精確度], accuracy/precision
        quèzhèng, [確證], to prove/to confirm/to corroborate/convincing proof

        zhěnsuǒ, [診所], clinic
        zhěnduàn, [診斷], diagnosis/to diagnose
        jízhěnshì, [急診室], emergency room
        jízhěn, [急診], emergency call/emergency (medical) treatment
        quèzhěn, [確診], to make a definite diagnosis
        ménzhěn, [門診], outpatient service
        huìzhěn, [會診], consultation (medical)/to meet for diagnosis/(by extension) consultation of diff...
        zhěn, [診], to examine or treat medically
        hòuzhěnshì, [候診室], waiting room (at clinic, hospital)
        zhěnliáo, [診療], diagnosis and treatment
        jiùzhěn, [就診], to see a doctor/to seek medical advice
        zhěnshì, [診室], consulting room
        chūzhěn, [出診], to visit a patient at home (of a doctor)/house call
        zhěnzhì, [診治], to diagnose and treat
        fùzhěn, [復診], another visit to doctor/further diagnosis
        tīngzhěnqì, [聽診器], stethoscope
        wènzhěn, [問診], (TCM) interrogation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊[sì zhěn]
        hòuzhěn, [候診], waiting to see a doctor/awaiting treatment
        yìngzhěn, [應診], to see patients (of doctor)/to hold a surgery

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