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jìzǔ to offer sacrifices to one's ancestors

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Zhài/jì, surname Zhai, to offer sacrifice/festive occasion
        jìpǐn, offering
        jìtán, [祭壇], altar
        jìsì, to offer sacrifices to the gods or ancestors
        jìdiàn, to offer sacrifices (to one's ancestors)/to hold or attend a memorial service
        jìbài, to offer sacrifice (to one's ancestors)
        jìlǐ, [祭禮], sacrificial offerings/worship/religious rite
        jìqì, ritual dishes/sacrificial vessels
        jìzǔ, to offer sacrifices to one's ancestors

        zǔmǔ, father's mother/paternal grandmother
        zǔfù, father's father/paternal grandfather
        zǔguó, [祖國], ancestral land/homeland/used for PRC/CL:個|个[gè]
        zǔxiān, ancestor/forebears
        Zǔ/zǔ, surname Zu, ancestor/forefather/grandparents
        zēngzǔfù, father's father's father/paternal great-grandfather
        zǔfùmǔ, paternal grandparents
        Fózǔ, Buddha/founder of a buddhist sect
        wàizǔmǔ, mother's mother/maternal grandmother
        zǔzōng, ancestor/forebear
        wàizǔfù, maternal grandfather (i.e. mother's father)
        zēngzǔmǔ, father's father's mother/paternal great-grandmother
        zǔchuán, [祖傳], passed on from ancestors/handed down from generation to generation
        xiānzǔ, deceased grandfather/ancestry
        zǔbèi, [祖輩], ancestors/forefathers/ancestry
        shǐzǔ, primogenitor/founder of a school or trade
        bízǔ, the earliest ancestor/originator (of a tradition, school of thought etc)
        jìzǔ, to offer sacrifices to one's ancestors
绿         zǔmǔlǜ, [祖母綠], emerald
        zēngzǔ, great-grandfather (father of one's paternal grandfather)
        Zǔlǔrén, [祖魯人], Zulu people
        zǔjí, ancestral hometown/original domicile (and civil registration)
        bāzǔkǎ, bazooka (loanword)
        zǔfén, [祖墳], ancestral tomb
耀         guāngzōngyàozǔ, to bring honor to one's ancestors
        zǔzǔbèibèi, [祖祖輩輩], for generations/from generation to generation
        Zǔlǔ, [祖魯], Zulu
        shūzǔmǔ, wife of paternal grandfather's younger brother
        Zǔmǎ, [祖馬], Zuma (name)/Jacob Zuma (1942-), South African ANC politician, vice-president 199...
        yuǎnzǔ, [遠祖], a remote ancestor

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