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Word: freq index 4013
yízhí to transplant

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yídòng, [移動], to move/movement/migration/mobile/portable
        zhuǎnyí, [轉移], to shift/to divert or distract (attention etc)/to change/to transform/metastasis...
        yí, to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove
        yímín, to immigrate/to migrate/emigrant/immigrant
        yízhí, to transplant
        yímínjú, immigration office
        yíjiāo, to transfer/to hand over
        piāoyí, to drift
        yíjū, to migrate/to move to a new place of residence
        qiānyí, [遷移], to migrate/to move
        tuīyí, (of time) to elapse or pass/(of a situation) to develop or evolve
        jiāndìngbùyí, [堅定不移], unswerving/unflinching
        yísòng, to transfer (a case, a person, files etc)
        yíwèi, to shift/shift/translocation/displacement/(medicine) dislocation
        piānyí, displacement/deviation/offset
        wèiyí, displacement (vector)
        qiányímòhuà, [潛移默化], imperceptible influence/to influence secretly
        píngyí, translation (geometry)
        yóuyí, to wander/to shift around/to waver/to vacillate
        piāoyí, [飄移], to drift
        yúgōngyíshān, the old man moves mountains (idiom); fig. where there's a will, there's a way
        yízāi, to transplant (horticulture, agriculture)
        yíshī, [移師], to move troops to/(fig.) to move to/to shift to
        yíhuājiēmù, lit. to graft flowers onto a tree/to surreptitiously substitute one thing for an...

        yízhí, to transplant
        zhíwù, plant/vegetation/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        zhí, to plant
        zhírù, to implant
        zhòngzhí, [種植], to plant/to grow
        zhíwùrén, person in a vegetative state/human vegetable
        zhòngzhíyuán, [種植園], plantation
        zhíwùyuán, [植物園], botanical garden/arboretum
        zhíwùyóu, vegetable oil
        zhíwùxué, [植物學], botany
        zhíbèi, vegetation/plant cover
        péizhí, to cultivate/to train/cultivation/training
        dòngzhíwù, [動植物], plants and animals/flora and fauna
        zhíshù, [植樹], to plant trees
        zhípí, to graft skin/skin grafting
        fúzhí, to foster/to support
        zhízhū, plant (horticulture)
        cǎoběnzhíwù, herbaceous plant
        zhígēn, to take root/to establish a base
        zhòngzhíyè, [種植業], plantation
        bèizǐzhíwù, angiosperm (flowering plants with seed contained in a fruit)

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