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        xiào, [咲], old variant of 笑[xiào], laugh/smile/CL:個|个[gè]
笑容         xiàoróng, smile/smiling expression/CL:副[fù]
        Róng/róng, surname Rong, to hold/to contain/to allow/to tolerate/appearance/look/countenanc...
        Mǎn/mǎn, [滿], Manchu ethnic group, to fill/full/filled/packed/fully/completely/quite/to reach ...
满面         mǎnmiàn, [滿面], across one's whole face/(smiling) from ear to ear
        miàn, [麪]/[麵], face/side/surface/aspect/top/classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors...

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