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Word: freq index 61245
[粉撲] fěnpū powder puff (cosmetics)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fěnsī, [粉絲], bean vermicelli/mung bean starch noodles/Chinese vermicelli/cellophane noodles/C...
        fěn, powder/cosmetic face powder/food prepared from starch/noodles or pasta made from...
        fěnhóng, [粉紅], pink
        fěnsè, pink/white/erotic/beautiful woman/powdered (with make-up)
        fěnsuì, to crush/to smash/to shatter
        fěnhóngsè, [粉紅色], pink
        fěnsuìjī, [粉碎機], pulverizer/grinder
        tōngxīnfěn, macaroni
        fěnmò, fine powder/dust
        fěnshuā, to paint/to whitewash/emulsion/plaster
        miànfěn, [麵粉], flour
        báifěn, face powder/chalk powder/heroin
        fěnbǐ, [粉筆], chalk/CL:支[zhī],段[duàn]
        huāfěn, pollen
        hújiāofěn, ground pepper (i.e. powder)
        fěnshēnsuìgǔ, lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom)/fig. to die horribly/to sacrifice one's...
        yùmǐfěn, cornflour/corn starch
        nǎifěn, powdered milk
        diànfěn, [澱粉], starch/amylum C6H0O
        fěnshì, [粉飾], to paint/to whitewash/to decorate/plaster/fig. to gloss over/to cover up
        fěncì, pimple/comedo/blackhead/acne
        xǐyīfěn, laundry detergent/washing powder
        shuǎngshēnfěn, baby powder/talcum powder
        fěnchén, [粉塵], dust/airborne powder/solid particulate matter
        shòufěn, pollination
        xiǎofěn, (wheat) starch/amylum
        mǐfěn, rice flour/rice-flour noodles/(Internet slang) Xiaomi fan
        hóngfěn, [紅粉], rouge and powder/(fig.) the fair sex
        gǔfěn, bone meal
        sūdáfěn, [蘇打粉], baking soda
        fěnmòdēngchǎng, [粉墨登場], to make up and go on stage (idiom); to embark on a career (esp. in politics or c...
        gālífěn, curry powder
        diànfěnméi, [澱粉酶], amylase
        yúfěn, [魚粉], fish meal
        zhīfěn, cosmetics
        xiāngfěn, face powder/talcum powder
        túzhīmǒfěn, [塗脂抹粉], to put on makeup/to prettify
        fěnpū, [粉撲], powder puff (cosmetics)
        gānfěn, [乾粉], dry powder
        zhīfěnqì, [脂粉氣], feminine quality/effeminate
        fěntiáo, [粉條], vermicelli made from mung bean starch etc

        pūkè, [撲克], poker (game) (loanword)/playing cards
        pū, [撲], to throw oneself at/to pounce on/to devote one's energies/to flap/to flutter/to ...
        pūmiè, [撲滅], to eradicate/to extinguish
        pūkèpái, [撲克牌], poker (card game)/playing card/CL:副[fù]
        xiāngpū, [相撲], sumo wrestling/also pr. [xiàng pū]
        pūtōng, [撲通], (onom.) sound of object falling into water/plop
        pūjiù, [撲救], firefighting/to extinguish a fire and save life and property/to dive (of goalkee...
        pūshuòmílí, [撲朔迷離], impossible to unravel/confusing
        měngpū, [猛撲], to charge/to pounce on/to swoop down on
        pūbí, [撲鼻], to assail the nostrils (of fragrance and odors)
        pūteng, [撲騰], (onom.) thud/flutter/flop
        fǎnpū, [反撲], to counterattack/to come back after a defeat/to retrieve lost ground
        pūmiànérlái, [撲面而來], lit. sth hits one in the face/directly in one's face/sth assaults the senses/bla...
        tuòpū, [拓撲], (loanword) topology (math.)/topology of a network (computing)
        pūkōng, [撲空], lit. to rush at thin air/fig. to miss one's aim/to have nothing to show for one'...
        fěnpū, [粉撲], powder puff (cosmetics)
        hóngpūpū, [紅撲撲], red/rosy/flushed
        pūmiàn, [撲面], lit. sth hits one in the face/directly in one's face/sth assaults the senses/bla...
        tuòpūxué, [拓撲學], topology (math.)
        diānpūbùpò, [顛撲不破], solid/irrefutable/incontrovertible/indisputable/unbreakable

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