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Word: freq index 35950
niánchóu thick

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        nián/zhān, glutinous/sticky/to stick/to adhere/variant of 黏[nián], to glue/to stick/to past...
        niántǔ, clay/loam
        niányè, mucus
        niánhéjì, [粘合劑], adhesive/glue
        niánhūhū, sticky/slimy
        niánxìng, viscosity/glutinous
        zhāntiē, [粘貼], to stick/to affix/to adhere/to paste (as in "copy and paste")/Taiwan pr. [nián t...
        niánlián/zhānlián, [粘連], to adhere/to stick together, adhesion/to adhere/to cohere/to stick
        niánchóu, thick/viscous/sticky
        zhānhé, to bind/agglutination
        niánmó, mucous membrane
        niánfù, to adhere
        bùzhānguō, [不粘鍋], non-stick pan
        niándù, viscosity
        niánjié, [粘結], to cohere/to bind

        chóu, dense/crowded/thick/many
        chóumì, dense
        niánchóu, thick/viscous/sticky

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