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[糜爛] mílàn dissipated

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Mí/méi/mí, surname Mi, rice gruel/wasted/rotten, millet
        mílàn, [糜爛], dissipated

        làn, [爛], soft/mushy/well-cooked and soft/to rot/to decompose/rotten/worn out/chaotic/mess...
        fǔlàn, [腐爛], to rot/to putrefy/(fig.) corrupt
        pòlàn, [破爛], worn-out/rotten/dilapidated/tattered/ragged/rubbish/junk
        cànlàn, [燦爛], to glitter/brilliant/splendid
        jiāotóulàné, [焦頭爛額], lit. beaten head and scorched brow (idiom); beaten black and blue/fig. in troubl...
        lànní, [爛泥], mud/mire
        kuìlàn, [潰爛], to fester/to ulcerate
        xīlàn, [稀爛], smashed up/broken into pieces/thoroughly mashed/pulpy
        xuànlàn, [絢爛], splendid/gorgeous/dazzling
        lànshú, [爛熟], well cooked/to know thoroughly
        mílàn, [糜爛], dissipated
        hǎikūshílàn, [海枯石爛], lit. when the seas run dry and the stones go soft (idiom)/fig. forever/until the...
        tiānzhēnlànmàn, [天真爛漫], innocent and unaffected
        lànmàn, [爛漫], brightly colored/unaffected (i.e. behaving naturally)
        xiǔlàn, [朽爛], rotten

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