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        Suǒ/suǒ, surname Suo/abbr. for 索馬里|索马里[Suǒ mǎ lǐ], Somalia, to search/to demand/to ask/to...
索非亚         Suǒfēiyà, [索非亞], Sofia, capital of Bulgaria
        Fēi/fēi, abbr. for 非洲[Fēi zhōu], Africa, to not be/not/wrong/incorrect/non-/un-/in-/to re...
        yà, [亞], Asia/Asian/second/next to/inferior/sub-/Taiwan pr. [yǎ]
        láo/lào, [勞], toil, to console
        lún, [倫], human relationship/order/coherence

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