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[純淨] chúnjìng pure

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chún, [純], pure/simple/unmixed/genuine
        chúncuì, [純粹], pure/unadulterated/purely/completely
        chúnjié, [純潔], pure/clean and honest/to purify
        dānchún, [單純], simple/pure/unsophisticated/merely/purely
        chúnshǔ, [純屬], to be purely/pure and simple/sheer/outright
        chúnjìng, [純淨], pure/clean/unmixed
        chúnzhēn, [純真], innocent and unaffected/pure and unadulterated
        chúnzhèng, [純正], pure/unadulterated/(of motives etc) honest
        chúndù, [純度], purity
        chúnzhǒng, [純種], purebred
        chúnjīn, [純金], pure gold
        chúnqíng, [純情], pure and innocent/a pure heart
        qīngchún, [清純], fresh and pure
        chúnpǔ, [純樸], variant of 淳樸|淳朴[chún pǔ]
        chúnshú, [純熟], skillful/proficient
        lúhuǒchúnqīng, [爐火純青], lit. the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy) (idiom)...
        tíchún, [提純], to purify
        chúnmián, [純棉], pure cotton/100% cotton
        chúnyīn, [純音], pure tone
        chúnjiǎn, [純鹼], sodium carbonate NáCǑ/soda ash/same as 碳酸鈉|碳酸钠
        chúnlì, [純利], net profit
        ZhāngChúnrú, [張純如], Iris Chang (1968-2004), Chinese American historian and author of the Rape of Nan...

        gānjìng, [乾淨], clean/neat
        jìng, [凈]/[淨], variant of 淨|净[jìng], clean/completely/only/net (income, exports etc)/(Chinese o...
        jìnghuà, [淨化], to purify
        chúnjìng, [純淨], pure/clean/unmixed
        yīgānèrjìng, [一乾二淨], thoroughly (idiom)/completely/one and all/very clean
        gānjìnglìluo, [乾淨利落], squeaky clean/neat and tidy/efficient
        jiéjìng, [潔淨], clean/to cleanse
        qīngjìng, [清淨], peaceful/quiet/tranquil/purified of defiling illusion (Buddhism)
        Jìngtǔ, [淨土], (Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of U...
        jìngzhí, [淨值], net value/net worth
        jìngshuǐ, [淨水], clean water/purified water
        báijìng, [白淨], (of skin) fair and clear
        jìngshōurù, [淨收入], net income/net profit
        jìnglì, [淨利], net profit

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