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Word: freq index 7562
[綁匪] bǎngfěi kidnapper

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bǎngjià, [綁架], to kidnap/to abduct/to hijack/a kidnapping/abduction/staking
        bǎng, [綁], to tie/bind or fasten together/to kidnap
        bǎngfěi, [綁匪], kidnapper
        kǔnbǎng, [捆綁], to bind
        sōngbǎng, [鬆綁], to untie/(fig.) to ease restrictions
        bǎngdài, [綁帶], bandage/puttee
        bǎngpiào, [綁票], to kidnap (for ransom)
        bǎngtuǐ, [綁腿], leg wrappings/puttee/gaiters/leggings

        jiéfěi, bandit/robber
        bǎngfěi, [綁匪], kidnapper
        fěi, bandit/(literary) not
        fěitú, gangster/bandit
        tǔfěi, bandit
        fěiyísuǒsī, unimaginable/outrageous/freakish
        shòuyìfěiqiǎn, [受益匪淺], to benefit (from)
        fěibāng, [匪幫], gang of bandits/criminal gang (formerly often used of political opponents)
        dàofěi, [盜匪], bandit
        fěishǒu, bandit
        pànfěi, rebel bandit
        fěidào, [匪盜], bandit

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