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[綿薄] miánbó my humble effort
my meager contribution (humble)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hǎimián, [海綿], sponge (zoology)/sponge (piece of absorbent material, either natural or made fro...
        miányáng, [綿羊], sheep
        chánmián, [纏綿], touching (emotions)/lingering (illness)
        ruǎnmiánmián, [軟綿綿], soft/velvety/flabby/weak/schmaltzy
        miánmián, [綿綿], continuous/uninterrupted
        liánmián, [連綿], continuous/unbroken/uninterrupted/extending forever into the distance (of mounta...
        miányán, [綿延], continuous (esp. of mountain ranges)/to stretch long and unbroken/a continuous l...
        mián, [綿]/[緜], silk floss/continuous/soft/weak/mild-mannered (dialect), old variant of 綿|绵[mián...
        miánbó, [綿薄], my humble effort/my meager contribution (humble)
        miánmiánbùjué, [綿綿不絕], continuous/endless
        miáncháng, [綿長], long and continuous (coastline, sound etc)/extensive/prolonged
        miánlì, [綿力], one's limited power (humble expr.)
        miánlǐcángzhēn, [綿裡藏針], lit. a needle concealed in silk floss (idiom)/fig. ruthless character behind a g...
        yánmián, [延綿], to extend continuously

        kèbó, unkind/harsh/cutting/mean/acrimony/to embezzle by making illegal deductions
        Bó/báo/bó/bò, surname Bo, thin/cold in manner/indifferent/weak/light/infertile, meager/slight/...
        báobǐng, [薄餅], thin flat cake/pancake/pizza
        bòhe, field mint/peppermint
        bóruò, weak/frail
        qiǎnbó, [淺薄], superficial
        xībó, thin/rarefied
        wēibó, scanty/meager
        dānbó, [單薄], weak/frail/thin/flimsy
        rúlǚbóbīng, lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom)/fig. to be extremely cautious/to be skati...
        bómó, membrane/film/CL:層|层[céng]
        báopiàn, thin slice/thin section/flake/Taiwan pr. [bó piàn]
        qīngbó, [輕薄], light (weight)/frivolous/a philanderer/to scorn/disrespectful
        bówù, [薄霧], mist/haze
        bòheyóu, peppermint oil
        wàngzìfěibó, to be unduly humble (idiom)/to undervalue oneself
        bóqíng, inconstant in love/fickle
        báocuì, crispy/thin and brittle/a crispy fried cracker
        miánbó, [綿薄], my humble effort/my meager contribution (humble)
        dànbó, thin/light/flagging/faint
        bómù, dusk/twilight
        hòubáo/hòubó, thickness/also pr. [hòu bó], to favor one and discriminate against the other (ab...
        bólǐ, [薄禮], my meager gift (humble)
        báozhǐ, [薄紙], tissue/kleenex
        fěibó, humble/meager/thin/to despise
        liǎnpíbáo, [臉皮薄], thin-skinned/sensitive
        hòucǐbóbǐ, to favour one and discriminate against the other
        jíbó, (of land) infertile/barren
        báobǎn, thin plate/sheet/lamina/Taiwan pr. [bó bǎn]
        bólì, small profits
        bómìng, to be born under an unlucky star (usu. of women)/to be born unlucky
        bódì, barren land/poor soil

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