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Word: freq index 41520
zhàoshān smock

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhào, cover/fish trap (basket)/shade
        xiōngzhào, brassiere (underwear)/bra
        miànzhào, mask/visor/facepiece (e.g. diving suit, gas mask)
        lǒngzhào, [籠罩], to envelop/to shroud
        yǎnzhào, eye-patch/blindfold/eye mask/goggles/eyeshade/blinkers (for a horse etc)
        kǒuzhào, mask (surgical etc)
        rǔzhào, bra
        dēngzhào, [燈罩], cover of lamp/lampshade/glass cover of oil lamp
        chuángzhào, bedspread
        zhàozi, cover/casing
        nǎizhào, bra/brassière
        zhàoshān, smock
        zhàopáo, Chinese-style long robe worn as outermost garment/burqa
        bōlizhào, glass cover/bell glass
        zhàoyī, overalls/CL:件[jiàn]

        chènshān, [襯衫], shirt/blouse/CL:件[jiàn]
        shān, garment/jacket with open slits in place of sleeves
        yùndòngshān, [運動衫], sports shirt/sweatshirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        xùshān, shirt (loanword)
        hànshān, vest/undershirt/shirt
        yīshān, clothing/unlined garment
        tàoshān, a pullover
        tǐxùshān, [體恤衫], T-shirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        zhàoshān, smock
        chángshān, [長衫], long gown/cheongsam/traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qi...

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