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nàimó wear resistant

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        nàixīn, to be patient/patience
        nài, capable of enduring/able to tolerate/patient/durable/hardy/resistant
        néngnài, ability/capability
        rěnnài, to show restraint/to repress (anger etc)/to exercise patience
        bùnàifán, [不耐煩], impatience/impatient
        nàilì, endurance
        nàixìng, patience/endurance
        Nàikè, Nike, Inc.
        nàishòu, to tolerate/endurance
        rěnnàilì, patience/fortitude
        nàiyòng, durable
        jíbùkěnài, unable to wait
        nàirénxúnwèi, [耐人尋味], thought-provoking/worth thinking over/to provide food for thought
        nàirè, [耐熱], heat resistant/fire-proof
        nàijiǔ, durable/long-lasting
        chīkǔnàiláo, [吃苦耐勞], hardworking and enduring hardships (idiom)
        nàimó, wear resistant
穿         nàichuān, durable/proof against wear and tear
        nàiláo, [耐勞], hardy/able to resist hardship
        nàiyàoxìng, [耐藥性], drug resistance/drug tolerance (medicine)

        zhémó, to persecute/to torment
        mó/mò, to rub/to grind/to polish/to sharpen/to wear down/to die out/to waste time/to pe...
        zhuómó/zuómo, to carve and polish (jade)/to polish and refine a literary work, to ponder/to mu...
        móceng, to gently stroke/to brush lightly/to move slowly/to dawdle/to dillydally/to pest...
        xiāomó, to wear down/to sap/to whittle away/to while away/to idle away
        mósǔn, [磨損], wear and tear/abrasion
        mónàn, [磨難], a torment/a trial/tribulation/a cross (to bear)/well-tried
        mòfáng, mill
        móliàn, [磨練], to temper oneself/to steel oneself/self-discipline/endurance
        dǎmó, polish/grind
        móyá, to grind one's teeth (during sleep)/pointless arguing
        móhé, to break in/to wear in
        mómiè, [磨滅], to obliterate/to erase
        móchuáng, grinding machine/grinder
        yánmó, milling/to grind/to polish by grinding/to abrade/whetstone/pestle
        bùkěmómiè, [不可磨滅], indelible
        mólì, [磨礪], to sharpen on grindstone/to improve oneself by practice
        mócā, variant of 摩擦[mó cā]
        móliàn, [磨煉], see 磨練|磨练[mó liàn]
        hǎoshìduōmó, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks (idiom)
        móguāng, to polish
        módāo, to hone (a knife)
        módāoshí, whetstone (for honing knives)
        nàimó, wear resistant
        shuǐmóshí, terrazzo
        móyánggōng, to idle on the job

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