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HSK 6 word: freq index 31300
[聾啞] lóngyǎ deaf and dumb

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        lóng, [聾], deaf
        lóngzi, [聾子], deaf person
        zhèněryùlóng, [震耳欲聾], ear-splitting (idiom); deafening
        ěrlóng, [耳聾], deaf
        lóngyǎ, [聾啞], deaf and dumb
        zhuānglóngzuòyǎ, [裝聾作啞], to play deaf-mute
        zhènlóngfākuì, [振聾發聵], lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom); rousing even the apathetic

        yǎba, [啞巴], mute/muted/a dumb person/to be dumb
        yā/yǎ, [啞], (onom.) sound of cawing/sound of infant learning to talk/variant of 呀[yā], dumb/...
        yǎjù, [啞劇], to mime/a dumb show
        shāyǎ, [沙啞], hoarse/rough
        yǎlíng, [啞鈴], dumbbell (weight)
        lóngyǎ, [聾啞], deaf and dumb
        yǎmí, [啞謎], puzzle/mystery
        zhuānglóngzuòyǎ, [裝聾作啞], to play deaf-mute
        sīyǎ, [嘶啞], (onom.) coarse crowing/hoarse/husky
        yǎyǔ, [啞語], sign language
        yǎránshīxiào, [啞然失笑], to laugh involuntarily/Taiwan pr. [è rán shī xiào]
        chīyǎbakuī, [吃啞巴虧], to be forced to suffer in silence/unable to speak of one's bitter suffering

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