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        lián, [聯], to ally/to unite/to join/(poetry) antithetical couplet
联合         liánhé, [聯合], to combine/to join/unite/alliance
联合国         Liánhéguó, [聯合國], United Nations
        gě/hé, [閤], 100 ml/one-tenth of a peck/measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth of sheng 升 o...
        Guó/guó, [國], surname Guo, country/nation/state/national/CL:個|个[gè]
        Ān/ān, surname An, content/calm/still/quiet/safe/secure/in good health/to find a place ...
安理会         ĀnLǐhuì, [安理會], (United Nations) Security Council
        lǐ, texture/grain (of wood)/inner essence/intrinsic order/reason/logic/truth/science...
理会         lǐhuì, [理會], to understand/to pay attention to/to take notice of
        huì/kuài, [會], can/to be possible/to be able to/will/to be likely to/to be sure to/to assemble/...

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