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fèipào pulmonary alveolus

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fèi, lung/CL:個|个[gè]
        fèiyán, pneumonia/inflammation of the lungs
        fèiái, lung cancer
        fèijiéhé, [肺結核], tuberculosis/TB
        fèishuǐzhǒng, [肺水腫], pulmonary edema
        fèibìng, lung disease
        fèifǔ, bottom of the heart (fig.)
        fèidòngmài, [肺動脈], pulmonary artery
        fèiqìzhǒng, [肺氣腫], emphysema
        fèihuóliàng, (medicine) vital capacity
        fèifǔzhīyán, words from the bottom of one's heart
        fèipào, pulmonary alveolus
        fèiláo, [肺癆], tuberculosis
        xīfèi, silicosis (occupational disease of miners)/grinder's disease
        lángxīngǒufèi, lit. heart of wolf and lungs of dog (idiom)/cruel and unscrupulous
        chénfèi, [塵肺], pneumoconiosis
        fèixīnbìng, pulmonary heart disease (medicine)

        pāo/pào, puffed/swollen/spongy/small lake (esp. in place names)/classifier for urine or f...
        pàopao, bubbles
        pàocài, pickled cabbage
        dēngpào, [燈泡], light bulb/see also 電燈泡|电灯泡[diàn dēng pào]/third-wheel or unwanted third party s...
        pàomò, foam/(soap) bubble/(economic) bubble
        pàotāng, [泡湯], to dawdle/to go slow deliberately/to fizzle out/to have all one's hopes dashed/(...
        qìpào, [氣泡], bubble/blister (in metal)/(of beverages) sparkling/carbonated
        pàopàotáng, bubble gum
        diàndēngpào, [電燈泡], light bulb/(slang) unwanted third guest
        shuǐpào, bubble/blister
        jìnpào, to steep/to soak/to immerse
        pàoyǐng, lit. froth and shadows/fig. illusion/mirage
        pàomòsùliào, styrofoam
        pàochá, to make tea
        qǐpào, to bubble/to foam/to blister/to sprout boils (on one's body)/sparkling (wine etc...
        féizàopào, soap bubble
        pàopàoshā, [泡泡紗], seersucker (cotton cloth with pattern of dimples)
        luǎnpào, follicle
        fèipào, pulmonary alveolus
        pàofàn, [泡飯], to soak cooked rice in soup or water/cooked rice reheated in boiling water

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