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[膽固醇] dǎngùchún cholesterol

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dǎnxiǎoguǐ, [膽小鬼], coward
        dàdǎn, [大膽], brazen/audacious/outrageous/bold/daring/fearless
        dǎn, [膽], the gall/the nerve/courage/guts/gall bladder
        dǎnliàng, [膽量], courage/boldness/guts
        dǎnzi, [膽子], courage/nerve/guts
        dǎnxiǎo, [膽小], cowardice/timid
        dǎngǎn, [膽敢], to dare (negative connotation)/to have the audacity to (do sth)
        dǎnqiè, [膽怯], timid/cowardly
        dǎngùchún, [膽固醇], cholesterol
        tíxīndiàodǎn, [提心吊膽], (saying) to be very scared and on edge
        dǎnshí, [膽識], courage and insight
        hǎidǎn, [海膽], sea urchin
        dǎnjiǎn, [膽鹼], choline (amine related to vitamin B complex)
        dǎnzhànxīnjīng, [膽戰心驚], to tremble with fear (idiom)/scared witless
        dǎndà, [膽大], daring/bold/audacious
        míngmùzhāngdǎn, [明目張膽], openly and without fear/brazenly
        dǎnnáng, [膽囊], gall bladder
        dǎnzhī, [膽汁], gall/bile
        dǎndàbāotiān, [膽大包天], reckless/extremely daring
        xīnjīngdǎnzhàn, [心驚膽戰], lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear/scared witles...
        dǒudǎn, [斗膽], (courteous) to be so bold as to
        wénfēngsàngdǎn, [聞風喪膽], hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news
        dǎndàwàngwéi, [膽大妄為], daring/presumptuous/daredevil
        dǎnguǎn, [膽管], bile duct
        wòxīnchángdǎn, [臥薪嚐膽], lit. to lie on firewood and taste gall (idiom); fig. suffering patiently, but fi...
        fàngdǎn, [放膽], to act boldly
        dǎnjiéshí, [膽結石], gallstone
        chìdǎnzhōngxīn, [赤膽忠心], lit. red-bellied devotion (idiom); whole-hearted loyalty/to serve sb with body a...
        dǎnqì, [膽氣], courageous/bold
        xīnjīngdǎnchàn, [心驚膽顫], see 心驚膽戰|心惊胆战[xīn jīng dǎn zhàn]
        xīndǎn, [心膽], courage
        dǎnhóngsù, [膽紅素], bilirubin
        lóngdǎnzǐ, [龍膽紫], gentian violet C5H0ClN/crystal violet

        gùdìng, to fix/to fasten/to set rigidly in place/fixed/set/regular
        gùzhí, [固執], obstinate/stubborn
        wángù, [頑固], stubborn/obstinate
        lèigùchún, [類固醇], steroid
        jiāngù, [堅固], firm/firmly/hard/stable
        láogù, firm/secure
        nínggù, to freeze/to solidify/to congeal/fig. with rapt attention
        jiāgù, to reinforce (a structure)/to strengthen
        dǎngùchún, [膽固醇], cholesterol
        gǒnggù, [鞏固], to consolidate/consolidation/to strengthen
        wěngù, [穩固], stable/steady/firm
        gùtǐ, [固體], solid
        gù, hard/strong/solid/sure/assuredly/undoubtedly/of course/indeed/admittedly
        gùzhíjǐjiàn, [固執己見], to persist in one's views
        gùrán, admittedly (it's true that...)
        gùyǒu, intrinsic to sth/inherent/native
        gēnshēndìgù, deep-rooted (problem etc)
        gùruòjīntāng, [固若金湯], secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water (idiom...
        gùtài, [固態], solid state (physics)
        gùshǒu, to strongly defend one's position/to be entrenched/to cling to
        gùhuà, to solidify/solidification (chemistry)
        gùdìngzīchǎn, [固定資產], fixed assets
        gùjiàn, firmware
        sǐwángù, [死頑固], very stubborn/very stubborn person/die-hard

        lèigùchún, [類固醇], steroid
        chún, [醕], alcohol/wine with high alcohol content/rich/pure/good wine/sterols, old variant ...
        dǎngùchún, [膽固醇], cholesterol
        yǐchún, ethanol CHOH/same as alcohol 酒精
        xiāngchún, rich and mellow (flavor or aroma)
        jiǎchún, methyl alcohol/methanol CHOH/wood alcohol/wood spirit
        chúnhòu, mellow and rich/simple and kind
        bǐngchún, propanol/propyl alcohol CH7OH

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