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Word: freq index 7045
HSK 6 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 1376
tāi fetus
abbr. of 輪胎

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        lúntāi, [輪胎], tire/pneumatic tire
        shuāngbāotāi, [雙胞胎], twin/CL:對|对[duì]
        guàitāi, freak/abnormal embryo/fetus with deformity
        tāi, fetus/litter/tire/abbr. of 輪胎|轮胎
        tāiér, [胎兒], unborn child/fetus/embryo
        duòtāi, [墮胎], to induce an abortion/induced abortion
        tāijì, [胎記], birthmark
        chētāi, [車胎], tire
        pēitāi, embryo
        tuōtāihuàngǔ, [脫胎換骨], to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist/to...
        tāipán, [胎盤], placenta
        tóutāi, to re-enter the womb (of departed spirit)/reincarnation
        niángtāi, womb
怀         huáitāi, [懷胎], to become pregnant/to carry a child in the womb
        guǐtāi, sinister design/ulterior motive
        dǎtāi, to have an abortion
        tāidòng, [胎動], movement of the fetus/quickening
        tāishēng, viviparity/zoogony
        pēitāixué, [胚胎學], embryology
        tuōtāi, [脫胎], born/to emerge from the womb/fig. to develop out of sth else (of ideas, stories,...
        shòutāi, to become pregnant/to conceive/impregnated/insemination
        jītāi, freak of nature/mutant/abnormality

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