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Word: freq index 14054
Character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 2303
Taiwan pr. [jí] or [jǐ]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jǐzhuī, vertebra/backbone
        shānjǐ, mountain ridge
        jǐ, spine/back/ridge/Taiwan pr. [jí] or [jǐ]
        jǐzhù, spinal column/columna vertebralis
        jǐsuǐ, spinal cord/medulla spinalis
        jǐgǔ, backbone
        jǐbèi, back
        jǐliang, backbone/spine
        jǐzhuīgǔ, vertebra
        bèijǐ, the back of the human body
        lǐji, [裡脊], (tender)loin (of pork, beef etc)
        jǐlianggǔ, backbone
        jǐzhuīdòngwù, [脊椎動物], vertebrate
        wūjǐ, roof ridge
        shūjǐ, [書脊], spine of a book
        jǐsuǐyán, myelitis/inflammation of spinal cord
        jǐsuǒdòngwù, [脊索動物], chordata

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