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Word: freq index 20386
chòuhōnghōng stinking

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chòu/xiù, stench/stink/smelly/to smell (bad), sense of smell/smell bad
        chòuwèi, stink/fumes
        chòumíngzhāozhù, notorious/infamous/egregious (bandits)
        chòuchóng, [臭蟲], bedbug (Cimex lectularius)/tick
        chòuqì, [臭氣], stench
        èchòu, [惡臭], stink
        kǒuchòu, bad breath/halitosis
        rǔxiùwèigān, [乳臭未乾], smell of mother's milk not yet dried (idiom); immature and inexperienced/still w...
        chúchòujì, [除臭劑], deodorant
        chòuhōnghōng, stinking
        chòuyǎngcéng, [臭氧層], ozone layer
        hànchòu, body odor
        fǔchòu, rotten (smell)/stinking/putrid
        húchòu, body odor/bromhidrosis
        chòumíngyuǎnyáng, [臭名遠揚], stinking reputation/notorious far and wide
        yíchòuwànnián, [遺臭萬年], to have one's name go down in history as a byword for infamy (idiom)
        chòupínáng, this mortal flesh
        chòujiàzi, stinking pretension/to give oneself airs and offend others/hateful arrogance
        chòuyǎng, ozone (Ǒ)
        chòumà, [臭罵], tongue-lashing/to chew out/CL:頓|顿[dùn]
        yèchòu, body odor/bromhidrosis/armpit odor/underarm stink/also called 狐臭[hú chòu]
        chòuxūnxūn, [臭燻燻], stinking

        hōng, to bake/to heat by fire/to set off by contrast
        hōnggān, [烘乾], to dry over a stove
        hōngkǎo, to roast/to bake
        chòuhōnghōng, stinking
        hōngbèi, to cure by drying over a fire (tea, meat etc)
        hōngzhì, [烘製], to bake
        hōngtuō, background (of a painting)/backdrop/a foil (to set off something to advantage)/t...
        nuǎnhōnghōng, nice and warm/cosy/heart-warming
        hōnglú, [烘爐], oven

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