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Word: freq index 1746
HSK 3 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 1032
bān sort
pán see 般樂
>般乐[pán lè]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yībān, same/ordinary/so-so/common/general/generally/in general
        bān/pán, sort/kind/class/way/manner, see 般樂|般乐[pán lè]
        yībānláishuō, [一般來說], generally speaking
        bānpèi, to be well matched/to suit
        zhèbān, [這般], like this/this way
        rúcǐzhèbān, [如此這般], thus and so/such and such
        bǎibān, in hundred and one ways/in every possible way/by every means
        yībānshuōlái, [一般說來], generally speaking/in general
        yībānéryán, generally speaking
        wànbān, [萬般], every kind/manifold/extremely
        yībānxìng, general/generality
        wànbānwúnài, [萬般無奈], to have no way out/to have no alternative

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