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Word: freq index 20821
Character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2843
Máo surname Mao
máo reeds

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        máowū, thatched cottage
        Máo/máo, surname Mao, reeds/rushes
        Dátèmáosī, [達特茅斯], Dartmouth (place name)
        Pǔlìmáosī, Plymouth
        mínglièqiánmáo, to rank among the best
        máokēng, latrine pit/latrine
        chūchūmáolú, [初出茅廬], venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time (idiom)/young and inexperie...
        máofáng, toilet (rural euphemism)/thatched hut or house
        máosèdùnkāi, [茅塞頓開], murky darkness suddenly opens (idiom); a sudden flash of insight and all is clea...
        máosi, [茅廁], (dialect) latrine
        máoshè, cottage/hut
        máocǎo, sogon grass
        qiánmáo, forward patrol (military) (old)/(fig.) the top ranks
        Pǔcìmáosī, [樸次茅斯], Portsmouth, southern English seaport
        máolú, [茅廬], thatched cottage
        máopéng, thatched shed
        Bóēnmáosī, Bournemouth, UK
        sāngùmáolú, [三顧茅廬], lit. three humble visits to a thatched cottage/cf famous episode in the fictiona...

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