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Word: freq index 22486
[熒屏] yíngpíng fluorescent screen
TV screen

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yíngguāng, [熒光], fluorescence/fluorescent
        yíngmù, [熒幕], TV screen
        yíngpíng, [熒屏], fluorescent screen/TV screen
        yíngguāngdēng, [熒光燈], fluorescent lamp/neon lamp
        yíng, [熒], a glimmer/glimmering/twinkling/fluorescence/phosphorescence/perplexed/dazzled an...
        yíngguāngpíng, [熒光屏], fluorescent screen/TV screen

        píngmù, screen (TV, computer or movie)
        píngbì, to screen/to block (sth or sb)/to shield/(protective) shield
        bīng/bǐng/píng, see 屏營|屏营[bīng yíng], to get rid of/to put aside/to reject/to keep control/to ho...
        píngzhàng, barrier
        yíngpíng, [熒屏], fluorescent screen/TV screen
        xiǎnshìpíng, [顯示屏], display screen
        píngfēng, [屏風], screen
        bǐngqì, [屏氣], to hold one's breath
        bǐngxī, hold one's breath
        Píngshān, Pingshan county in Yibin 宜賓|宜宾[Yí bīn], Sichuan
        chùmōpíng, [觸摸屏], touchscreen
        kāipíng, [開屏], (a peacock) spreads its tail
        yínpíng, [銀屏], television/TV screen/the silver screen
        yíngguāngpíng, [熒光屏], fluorescent screen/TV screen

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