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Word: freq index 33325
HSK 6 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 2206
zhōng inner feelings

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        rèzhōng, [熱衷], to feel strongly about/to be fond of/obsession/deep commitment
        zhōngxīn, heartfelt/wholehearted/cordial
        wúdòngyúzhōng, [無動於衷], aloof/indifferent/unconcerned
        chūzhōng, original intention
        yóuzhōng, heartfelt/sincere/unfeigned
        kǔzhōng, secret trouble/sorrow/difficulties
        zhézhōng, variant of 折中[zhé zhōng]
        yánbùyóuzhōng, to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek/saying one thing...
        zhōng, inner feelings
        mòzhōngyīshì, unable to reach a decision (idiom); cannot agree on the right choice/no unanimou...
        yǐnzhōng, [隱衷], a secret/sth best not told to anyone/confidential information

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