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Word: freq index 24308
[譏諷] jīfěng to satirize
to ridicule
to mock

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jīfěng, [譏諷], to satirize/to ridicule/to mock
        jīxiào, [譏笑], to sneer
        jī, [譏], to ridicule
        fǎnchúnxiāngjī, [反唇相譏], to answer back sarcastically (idiom)/to retort

        fěngcì, [諷刺], to satirize/to mock/irony/satire/sarcasm
        cháofěng, [嘲諷], to sneer at/to ridicule/to taunt
        lěngcháorèfěng, [冷嘲熱諷], frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom); to mock and ridicule
        jīfěng, [譏諷], to satirize/to ridicule/to mock
        fěng, [諷], to satirize/to mock/to recite/Taiwan pr. [fèng]

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