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Word: freq index 23535
[讓位] ràngwèi to abdicate
to yield

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        ràng, [讓], to yield/to permit/to let sb do sth/to have sb do sth/to make sb (feel sad etc)/...
        ràngkāi, [讓開], to get out of the way/to step aside
        ràngbù, [讓步], to concede/to give in/to yield/a concession/(linguistics) concessive
        rànglù, [讓路], to make way (for sth)
        zhuǎnràng, [轉讓], to transfer (ownership, rights etc)
退         tuìràng, [退讓], to move aside/to get out of the way/to back down/to concede
        ràngwèi, [讓位], to abdicate/to yield
        rěnràng, [忍讓], to exercise forbearance/patient and accommodating
        chūràng, [出讓], to transfer (one's property or rights to sb else)
        ràngzuò, [讓座], to give up one's seat for sb
        qiānràng, [謙讓], to modestly decline
        Ābǐràng, [阿比讓], Abidjan (city in Ivory Coast)
        hùbùxiāngràng, [互不相讓], neither giving way to the other
        bìràng, [避讓], to avoid/to yield (in traffic)/to get out of the way
        gēràng, [割讓], to cede/cession
        cùnbùbùràng, [寸步不讓], (idiom) not to yield an inch
        lǐràng, [禮讓], to show consideration for (others)/to yield to (another vehicle etc)/courtesy/co...
        dāngrénbùràng, [當仁不讓], to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others

        wèi, position/location/place/seat/classifier for people (honorific)/classifier for bi...
        gèwèi, everybody/all (guests, colleagues etc)/all of you
        wèizhi, position/place/seat/CL:個|个[gè]
        zuòwèi, seat/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhíwèi, [職位], post/office/position
        wèizi, place/seat
        dìwèi, position/status/place/CL:個|个[gè]
        dìngwèi, to orientate/to position/to categorize (as)/to characterize (as)/positioning/pos...
        dānwèi, [單位], unit (of measure)/unit (group of people as a whole)/work unit (place of employme...
        wèiyú, [位於], to be located at/to be situated at/to lie
        xuéwèi, [學位], academic degree/place in school
        bùwèi, position/place
        gǎngwèi, [崗位], a post/a job
        gèjiùgèwèi, (of the people in a group) to get into position (idiom)/(athletics) On your mark...
        fāngwèi, direction/points of the compass/bearing/position/azimuth
        dàowèi, to get to the intended location/to be in place/to be in position/precise/well (d...
        pǐnwèi, rank/grade/quality/(aesthetic) taste
        zhūwèi, [諸位], (pron) everyone/Ladies and Gentlemen/Sirs
        wángwèi, title of king/kingship
        xíwèi, a seat (in a theater, stadium etc)/parliamentary or congressional seat
        chēwèi, [車位], parking spot/unloading point/garage place/stand for taxi
        tóngwèisù, isotope
        kōngwèi, empty place/room (for sb)
        chuángwèi, bed (in hospital, hotel, train etc)/berth/bunk
        quánfāngwèi, all around/omnidirectional/complete/holistic/comprehensive
        guīwèi, [歸位], to put sth back where it belongs/to return to the original position/to return to...
        cuòwèi, [錯位], to misplace/displacement (e.g. of broken bones)/out of alignment/faulty contact/...
        tānwèi, [攤位], vendor's booth
        ràngwèi, [讓位], to abdicate/to yield
        shuǐwèi, water level
        jiàwèi, [價位], price level
        yuánwèi, original position/(in) the same place/normal position/the place where one curren...
        fùwèi, [復位], to restore sb or sth to its original position/to regain the throne/to reset (a d...
退         tuìwèi, to abdicate
        gāowèi, high position/eminent status/top job/raised position/upper (limbs)/a high (i.e. ...
        pùwèi, [鋪位], bunk/berth
        wèijū, to be located at
        jìwèi, [繼位], to succeed to the throne
        SānwèiYītǐ, [三位一體], Holy Trinity/trinity
        xuéwèi, acupuncture point
        juéwèi, order of feudal nobility, namely: Duke 公[gōng], Marquis 侯[hóu], Count 伯[bó], Vis...
        shùwèi, [數位], digital
        yíwèi, to shift/shift/translocation/displacement/(medicine) dislocation
        děngwèi, (physics) equipotential
        shàngwèi, seat of honor/person in a high-ranking position/to be promoted to a more senior ...
        wèiyí, displacement (vector)
        huángwèi, the title of Emperor
        shuāngxuéwèi, [雙學位], dual degree (academic)
        wèiliè, to rank
        shǒuwèi, first place
        cāngwèi, [艙位], shipping space/cabin berth/cabin seat
        cuànwèi, to seize the throne
        yuèwèi, offside (sports)
        zhǎnwèi, relative position of exhibition booth/allocated floor space for display stall/al...
        chuánwèi, ship's position
        jíwèi, to succeed to the throne/accession
        bówèi, berth
        quánwèi, [權位], power and position (politics)
        yībùdàowèi, to settle a matter in one go
        dūnwèi, [噸位], tonnage
        qūwèi, [區位], location/geographical position/position on a grid or spreadsheet, where 區|区 deno...
        míngwèi, fame and position/official rank
        duànwèi, rank/class/(Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
        zàiwèi, on the throne/reigning (monarch)
        gèwèi, [個位], the units place (or column) in the decimal system
        fāngwèijiǎo, azimuth
        língwèi, [靈位], memorial tablet
        wèicì, place (in numbered sequence)/degree on employment scale
        yīnwèi, phoneme
        páiwèi, memorial tablet
        guānwèi, official post
        xiàngwèichā, phase difference
        shénwèi, spirit tablet/ancestral tablet
        běnwèi, standard/one's own department or unit
        diànwèi, [電位], electric potential/voltage
        dìwèi, imperial throne

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