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HSK 5 word: freq index 11101
[誠懇] chéngkěn sincere

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chéngshí, [誠實], honest/honesty/honorable/truthful
        zhōngchéng, [忠誠], devoted/loyal/fidelity/loyalty
        zhēnchéng, [真誠], true/sincere/genuine
        tǎnchéng, [坦誠], candid/frank/plain dealing
        qiánchéng, [虔誠], pious/devout/sincere
        kāichéngbùgōng, [開誠佈公]/[開誠布公], variant of 開誠布公|开诚布公[kāi chéng bù gōng], lit. deal sincerely and fairly (idiom);...
        chéngyì, [誠意], sincerity/good faith
        chéngkěn, [誠懇], sincere/honest/cordial
        chéngzhì, [誠摯], sincere/cordial
        chéngxìn, [誠信], genuine/honest/in good faith/honesty/integrity
        chéng, [誠], sincere/authentic/really/truly
        chéngxīn, [誠心], sincerity
        tǎnchéngxiāngjiàn, [坦誠相見], to trust one another fully/to treat sb with sincerity
        rèchéng, [熱誠], devotion/fervor
        tóuchéng, [投誠], to defect/to surrender/to capitulate
        chéngxīnchéngyì, [誠心誠意], earnestly and sincerely (idiom); with all sincerity
        chénghuángchéngkǒng, [誠惶誠恐], in fear and trepidation (idiom); in reverence before your majesty (court formula...
        jiéchéng, [竭誠], wholeheartedly
        chéngrán, [誠然], indeed/true! (I agree with you)
        xīnyuèchéngfú, [心悅誠服], to submit cheerfully/to accept willingly (idiom)
        chìchéng, [赤誠], utterly sincere/wholly devoted
        chéngrú, [誠如], it is exactly as
        LǐJiāchéng, [李嘉誠], Sir Li Ka-shing (1928-), Hong Kong businessman
        jīngchéng, [精誠], sincerity/absolute good faith
        chéngdǔ, [誠篤], honest/sincere and serious

        kěnqiú, [懇求], to beg/to beseech/to entreat/entreaty
        chéngkěn, [誠懇], sincere/honest/cordial
        kěnqǐng, [懇請], to request earnestly
        qínqínkěnkěn, [勤勤懇懇], industrious and conscientious/assiduous
        qínkěn, [勤懇], diligent and attentive/assiduous/sincere
        kěn, [懇], earnest
        kěnqiè, [懇切], earnest/sincere

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