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Word: freq index 49887
[跳閘] tiàozhá (of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tiào, to jump/to hop/to skip over/to bounce/to palpitate
        tiàowǔ, to dance
        xīntiào, heartbeat/pulse
        tiàoyuè, [跳躍], to jump/to leap/to bound/to skip
        tiàodòng, [跳動], to throb/to pulse/to bounce/to jiggle/to jump about
        tiàosǎn, [跳傘], to parachute/to bail out/parachute jumping
        tiàochū, to jump out/fig. to appear suddenly
        tiàozao, flea
        tiàoshuǐ, to dive/diving (sport, a Chinese specialty)
        huóbèngluàntiào, [活蹦亂跳], to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively/healthy and active
        tiàolóu, [跳樓], to jump from a building (to kill oneself)/fig. to sell at a large discount (in a...
        tántiào, [彈跳], to bounce/to jump/to leap
        bàotiàorúléi, stamp with fury/fly into a rage
        tiàoqí, Chinese checkers
        tiàozǎoshìchǎng, [跳蚤市場], flea market
        tiàocáo, to change jobs/job-hopping
        bèngbèngtiàotiào, bouncing and vivacious
        tiàobǎn, springboard/jumping-off point/gangplank
        tiàogāo, high jump (athletics)
        chēnggāntiào, [撐桿跳], pole-vaulting
        xīnjīngròutiào, [心驚肉跳], lit. heart alarmed, body leaping (idiom); fear and trepidation in the face of di...
        tiàojí, [跳級], to jump a year (at college)
        tiàomǎ, [跳馬], vaulting horse (gymnastics)
竿         chēnggāntiào, [撐竿跳], pole-vaulting/also written 撐桿跳|撑杆跳
        tiàoyuǎn, [跳遠], long jump (athletics)
        tiàojiǎo, [跳腳], to stamp one's feet in anger/tantrum of temper or anxiety/a stomping fit
        tiàotái, [跳臺], diving platform/diving tower/landing platform
        tiàozhá, [跳閘], (of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
        sānjítiào, [三級跳], triple jump (athletics)/hop, skip and jump
        huānbèngluàntiào, [歡蹦亂跳], glowing with health and vivacity (idiom)

        zhámén, [閘門], sluice gate
        zhá, [牐]/[閘], old variant of 閘|闸[zhá]/sluice/lock (on waterway), gear/brake/sluice/lock (on wa...
        qìzhá, [氣閘], pneumatic brake/airlock
        diànzhá, [電閘], electric switch/circuit breaker
        Zhákǒu/zhákǒu, [閘口], area in the Shangcheng district of Hangzhou, open sluice gate/(toll) station/boa...
        shuǐzhá, [水閘], sluice/water gate/waterlocks/floodgate/lock/dam
        tiàozhá, [跳閘], (of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
        chuánzhá, [船閘], a canal lock

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