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HSK 6 word: freq index 7701
[蹤跡] zōngjì tracks

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shīzōng, [失蹤], to be missing/to disappear/unaccounted for
        gēnzōng, [跟蹤], to follow sb's tracks/to tail/to shadow/tracking
        zhuīzōng, [追蹤], to follow a trail/to trace/to pursue
        xíngzōng, [行蹤], whereabouts/(lose) track (of)
        zōngjì, [蹤跡], tracks/trail/footprint/trace/vestige
        zōng, [蹤], footprint/trace/tracks
        zōngyǐng, [蹤影], trace/vestige/presence
        wúyǐngwúzōng, [無影無蹤], to disappear without trace (idiom)

        qíjì, [奇跡], miracle/miraculous/wonder/marvel
        hénjì, [痕跡], vestige/mark/trace
        xuèjì, [血跡], bloodstain
        jìxiàng, [跡象], mark/indication/sign/indicator
        bǐjì, [筆跡], handwriting
        zōngjì, [蹤跡], tracks/trail/footprint/trace/vestige
        jì, [跡]/[蹟], footprint/mark/trace/vestige/sign/indication/Taiwan pr. [jī], variant of 跡|迹[jì]
        zújì, [足跡], footprint/track/spoor
        shìjì, [事跡], deed/past achievement/important event of the past
        guǐjì, [軌跡], locus/orbit/trajectory/track
        zhūsīmǎjì, [蛛絲馬跡], lit. spider's thread and horse track/tiny hints (of a secret)/traces/clue
        yíjì, [遺跡], trace/vestige/historical remains/remnant
        zìjì, [字跡], handwriting
        wūjì, [污跡], blotch/stain
        xiāoshēngnìjì, [銷聲匿跡], to vanish without trace (idiom)/to lie low
        gǔjì, [古跡], places of historic interest/historical sites/CL:個|个[gè]
        fājì, [發跡], to make one's mark/to go up in the world/to make one's fortune
        juéjì, [絕跡], to be eradicated/to vanish/extinct/to break off relations
        yìnjì, [印跡], footprint
        mòjì, [墨跡], ink marks/original calligraphy or painting of famous person
        lièjì, [劣跡], bad record (esp. of a public official)/unsavory track record
        hùnjì, [混跡], mixed in as part of a community/hiding one's identity/occupying a position while...
        xíngjì, [行跡], tracks/traces/movements
        rénjìhǎnzhì, [人跡罕至], lit. men's footprints are rare (idiom)/fig. off the beaten track/lonely/deserted
        zhēnjì, [真跡], authentic (painting or calligraphy)/genuine work (of famous artist)
        xīnjì, [心跡], true motive/true feelings
        shǒujì, [手跡], sb's original handwriting or painting
        xíngjì, [形跡], manner/bearing/trace/mark/trail/etiquette
        míngshènggǔjì, [名勝古跡], historical sites and scenic spots
        nìjì, [匿跡], to go into hiding
        chénjì, [陳跡], past events/relics from a former age/ruins
        hángjì, [航跡], wake (of ship)/flight path

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