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Word: freq index 5037
HSK 3 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 1082
[較] jiào comparatively
(preposition comparing difference in degree)
to contrast
to compare
clearly (different)
to haggle over
to quibble
also pr. [jiǎo]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bǐjiào, [比較], to compare/to contrast/comparatively/relatively/quite/comparison
        jiào, [較], comparatively/(preposition comparing difference in degree)/to contrast/to compar...
        jiàoliàng, [較量], to have a contest with sb/to cross swords/to measure up against/to compete with/...
        jìjiào, [計較], to bother about/to haggle/to bicker/to argue/plan/stratagem
        jiàojìn, [較勁], to match one's strength with/to compete/more competitive/to set oneself against ...
        jiàozhēn, [較真], serious/in earnest
        jīnjīnjìjiào, [斤斤計較], to haggle over every ounce/fig. to worry unduly over minor matters
        jiàowéi, [較為], comparatively/relatively/fairly
        bǐjiàowénxué, [比較文學], comparative literature
        jiàozhēnr, [較真兒], erhua variant of 較真|较真[jiào zhēn]
        zīzhūbìjiào, [錙銖必較], to haggle over every cent (idiom)

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