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        Dá/dá, [達], surname Da, to attain/to reach/to amount to/to communicate/eminent
        Sī/sī, Slovakia/Slovak/abbr. for 斯洛伐克[Sī luò fá kè], (phonetic)/this
        Dīng/dīng, surname Ding, fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shí tiān gān]/fourth in order...
        Huò/huò, surname Huo, suddenly
霍夫曼         Huòfūmàn, Hofmann or Hoffman (name)/August Wilhelm von Hofmann (1818-1892), German chemist...
        fū/fú, husband/man/manual worker/conscripted laborer (old), (classical) this, that/he, ...
        màn, handsome/large/long

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