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[遷怒] qiānnù to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)

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        qiānxǐ, [遷徙], to migrate/to move
        shēngqiān, [升遷], promote/promotion
        qiānjiù, [遷就], to yield/to adapt to/to accommodate to (sth)
        qiān, [遷], to move/to shift/to change (a position or location etc)/to promote
        qiáoqiān, [喬遷], to move (to a superior place)/promotion
        qiānyí, [遷移], to migrate/to move
        bānqiān, [搬遷], to move/to relocate/removal
        biànqiān, [變遷], changes/vicissitudes
        qiānnù, [遷怒], to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)
        shíguòjìngqiān, [時過境遷], things change with the passage of time (idiom)
        chāiqiān, [拆遷], to demolish a building and relocate the inhabitants
        qiáoqiānzhīxǐ, [喬遷之喜], congratulations on house-moving or promotion (idiom); Best wishes for your new h...
        qiānjū, [遷居], to move (from one residence to another)
        qiānrù, [遷入], to move in (to new lodging)
        shìguòjìngqiān, [事過境遷], The issue is in the past, and the situation has changed (idiom)./It is water und...
        jiànyìsīqiān, [見異思遷], to change at once on seeing sth different (idiom); loving fads and novelty/never...
        SīmǎQiān, [司馬遷], Sima Qian (145-86 BC), Han Dynasty historian, author of Records of the Grand His...

        fènnù, [憤怒], angry/indignant/wrath/ire
        nù, anger/fury/flourishing/vigorous
        jīnù, to infuriate/to enrage/to exasperate
        nùhuǒ, rage/fury/hot anger
        nùqì, [怒氣], anger
        fānù, [發怒], to get angry
        kuángnù, furious
        bàonù, to fly into a rage/to rage violently
        nùhǒu, to bellow/to rave/to snarl
        nǎonù, [惱怒], resentful/angry/to enrage sb
        nùqìchōngchōng, [怒氣沖沖], spitting anger (idiom); in a rage
        qiānnù, [遷怒], to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)
        nùbùkěè, unable to restrain one's anger (idiom); in a towering rage
        chùnù, [觸怒], to anger sb/to enrage
        zhènnù, to be furious
        dòngnù, [動怒], to get angry
        nǎoxiūchéngnù, [惱羞成怒], to fly into a rage out of humiliation/to be ashamed into anger (idiom)
        shèngnù, rage/a raging temper
        xǐnùāilè, [喜怒哀樂], four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜[huān xǐ], anger 憤怒|愤怒[fèn ...
        xīnù, to calm down/to quell one's anger
        xīnhuānùfàng, to burst with joy (idiom)/to be over the moon/to be elated
        nùshì, [怒視], to glower (at sb)/to cast an angry look
        nùfàchōngguān, [怒髮衝冠], lit. hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat (idiom)/fig. seething in ang...
        nùfàng, in full bloom
        nùmà, [怒罵], to verbally abuse
忿         fènnù, variant of 憤怒|愤怒[fèn nù]
        nùchì, to angrily rebuke/to indignantly denounce
        xīxiàonùmà, [嬉笑怒罵], lit. laughs, jeers, anger and invective (idiom)/fig. all kinds of emotions/to mo...
        nùróng, angry look
        yùnnù, [慍怒], inwardly angry/indignant/sulking/sullen
        nùchōngchōng, [怒沖沖], furiously

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