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bǐlòu superficial

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bēibǐ, base/mean/contemptible/despicable
        bǐshì, [鄙視], to despise/to disdain/to look down upon
        bǐrén, your humble servant/I
        cūbǐ, vulgar/coarse/uncouth
        kěbǐ, base/mean/despicable
        bǐ, rustic/low/base/mean/to despise/to scorn
        bǐyí, to despise/to look down upon/despicable
        bǐqì, [鄙棄], to disdain/to loathe
        bǐlòu, superficial/shallow

        chǒulòu, [醜陋], ugly
        jiǎnlòu, [簡陋], simple and crude
        lòuxí, [陋習], corrupt practice/bad habits/malpractice
        gūlòuguǎwén, [孤陋寡聞], ignorant and inexperienced/ill-informed and narrow-minded
        cūlòu, crude/coarse/unsophisticated/shallow
        chénguīlòuxí, [陳規陋習], outmoded conventions/old-fashioned ways
        bǐlòu, superficial/shallow
        yīnlòujiùjiǎn, [因陋就簡], crude but simple methods (idiom); use whatever methods you can/to do things simp...
        lòu, low/humble/plain/ugly/mean/vulgar

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