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Word: freq index 48747
hānshuì to sleep soundly
to fall into a deep sleep

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hānchànglínlí, [酣暢淋漓], to one's heart's content (idiom)
        hānshuì, to sleep soundly/to fall into a deep sleep
        hān, intoxicated
        hānchàng, [酣暢], unrestrained/cheerful lack of inhibition, esp. for drinking or sleeping/to drink...
        hānmèng, [酣夢], sweet dream/sleeping soundly
        hānyǐn, [酣飲], to drink one's fill

        shuì, to sleep/to lie down
        shuìjiào, [睡覺], to go to bed/to sleep
        shuìzháo, [睡著], to fall asleep
        shuìmián, sleep/to sleep/(computing) to enter sleep mode
        shuìyī, night clothes/pajamas
        rùshuì, to fall asleep
        chénshuì, to be fast asleep/(fig.) to lie dormant/to lie undiscovered
        shuìdài, sleeping bag
        dǎkēshuì, to doze off
        shuìpáo, nightgown
        shúshuì, asleep/sleeping soundly
        Shuìměirén, Sleeping Beauty
        kēshuì, drowsy/to doze/to nap
        shuìxǐng, to wake up
        hūnshuì, sleep/drowse when unconscious/lethargic sleep/lethargy
        hūnhūnyùshuì, drowsy/sleepy (idiom)
        shuìyǐ, couch
        wǔshuì, to take a nap/siesta
        shuìyì, sleepiness
        shuìlián, [睡蓮], water lily
        hānshuì, to sleep soundly/to fall into a deep sleep
        shuìxiàng, sleeping posture

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