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Word: freq index 15669
[錯怪] cuòguài to blame sb wrongly

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Cuò/cuò, [錯], surname Cuo, mistake/wrong/bad/interlocking/complex/to grind/to polish/to altern...
        bùcuò, [不錯], correct/right/not bad/pretty good
        cuòwù, [錯誤], error/mistake/CL:個|个[gè]/mistaken/false/wrong
        cuòguò, [錯過], to miss (train, opportunity etc)
        méicuò, [沒錯], that's right/sure!/rest assured!/that's good/can't go wrong
        chūcuò, [出錯], to make a mistake/error
        guòcuò, [過錯], mistake/fault/responsibility (for a fault)
        cuòluàn, [錯亂], in disorder/deranged (mentally)
        chācuò, [差錯], mistake/slip-up/fault/error (in data transmission)/accident/mishap
        rèncuò, [認錯], to admit an error/to acknowledge one's mistake
        cuòjué, [錯覺], misconception/illusion/misperception
        cuòguài, [錯怪], to blame sb wrongly
        cuòshī, [錯失], fault/mistake/to miss (a chance)
        jiāocuò, [交錯], to crisscross/to intertwine
        cuòwèi, [錯位], to misplace/displacement (e.g. of broken bones)/out of alignment/faulty contact/...
        cuòchē, [錯車], to give right of way to another vehicle
        cuòzōngfùzá, [錯綜複雜], tangled and complicated (idiom)
        cuòzì, [錯字], incorrect character/typo (in Chinese text)
        yīnchāyángcuò, [陰差陽錯], (idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events
        cuòbiézì, [錯別字], incorrectly written or mispronounced characters
        cuòkāi, [錯開], to stagger (times)
        cuòàn, [錯案], a misjudged legal case/a miscarriage (of justice)
        jiūcuò, [糾錯], to correct an error
        gōngchóujiāocuò, [觥籌交錯], wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined/to drink and gamble together in ...
        zònghéngjiāocuò, [縱橫交錯], criss-crossed (idiom)
        gǎicuò, [改錯], to correct an error
        cuòluòyǒuzhì, [錯落有致], in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect
        páicuò, [排錯], troubleshooting/debugging/to debug/erratum/to arrange in incorrect sequence
        cuòluò, [錯落], strewn at random/disorderly/untidy/irregular/uneven

        qíguài, strange/odd/to marvel/to be baffled
        guài, [恠], bewildering/odd/strange/uncanny/devil/monster/to wonder at/to blame/quite/rather
        guàiwu, monster/freak/eccentric person
        gǔguài, eccentric/grotesque/oddly/queer
        guàiyì, [怪異], monstrous/strange/strange phenomenon
        guàishòu, [怪獸], rare animal/mythical animal/monster
        guàirén, strange person/eccentric
        nánguài, [難怪], (it's) no wonder (that...)/(it's) not surprising (that)
        zéguài, [責怪], to blame/to rebuke
        guàitāi, freak/abnormal embryo/fetus with deformity
        guàibude, no wonder!/so that's why!
        dàjīngxiǎoguài, [大驚小怪], to make a fuss about nothing (idiom)
        guàishì, strange thing/curious occurrence
        yāoguài, monster/devil
        guàizuì, to blame
        chǒubāguài, [醜八怪], ugly person
        cuòguài, [錯怪], to blame sb wrongly
        guàipǐ, eccentricity/peculiarity/strange hobby
        guǐguài, hobgoblin/bogey/phantom
        guàidàn, [怪誕], freak/weird
        zuòguài, (of a ghost) to make strange things happen/to act up/to act behind the scenes/to...
        guàiwèi, strange odor
        xīqígǔguài, crazy/bizarre/weird/fantastic/strange
        jiànguài, [見怪], to mind/to take offense
        guàiquān, vicious circle/(abnormal) phenomenon
        jiànguàibùguài, [見怪不怪], to keep one's calm in the face of the unexpected/not to wonder at strange sights
        móguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        qíxíngguàizhuàng, [奇形怪狀], fantastic oddities of every description (idiom); grotesquely shaped
        yāomóguǐguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        jīngguài, supernatural being (such as a demon, monster, ghost, spirit, gremlin etc)
        guàilǐguàiqì, [怪里怪氣], eccentric/odd-looking/peculiar
        qiānqíbǎiguài, fantastic oddities of every description (idiom)
        guàijié, [怪傑], monstre sacré (i.e. artist famous for being deliberately preposterous)
        guāngguàilùlí, [光怪陸離], monstrous and multicolored/grotesque and variegated
        yīnyángguàiqì, [陰陽怪氣], eccentric/peculiar/mystifying
        guàipì, eccentric/peculiar
        guàixiàng, grotesque visage/grimace
        bùzúwéiguài, [不足為怪], not at all surprising (idiom)
        gǔlǐgǔguài, quaint/odd and picturesque/weird and wonderful
        guàihuà, [怪話], ridiculous talk/preposterous remark
        shénguài, spirits and devils (usually harmful)/demon
        qítánguàilùn, [奇談怪論], strange tales and absurd arguments (idiom)/unreasonable remarks

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