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Word: freq index 18229
Character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2904
[牐] zhá old variant of 閘
lock (on waterway)
[閘] zhá gear
lock (on waterway)
electric switch or circuit breaker

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhámén, [閘門], sluice gate
        zhá, [牐]/[閘], old variant of 閘|闸[zhá]/sluice/lock (on waterway), gear/brake/sluice/lock (on wa...
        qìzhá, [氣閘], pneumatic brake/airlock
        diànzhá, [電閘], electric switch/circuit breaker
        Zhákǒu/zhákǒu, [閘口], area in the Shangcheng district of Hangzhou, open sluice gate/(toll) station/boa...
        shuǐzhá, [水閘], sluice/water gate/waterlocks/floodgate/lock/dam
        tiàozhá, [跳閘], (of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
        chuánzhá, [船閘], a canal lock

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